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Asia pulls together!

There is very little time left and we will know the name of  Asian champions 2022.

Asia is a part of the Eurasian continent and occupies more than 80% of its territory. In terms of population, Asia surpasses the total population of all other parts of the world and accounts for about 60% of the population of our planet. The promotion of mas-wrestling in such a vast territory is just beginning. This event is another step on a long journey. There is a lot of hard work ahead.

We thank the Federation of bodybuilding, fitness and mas-wrestling of Uzbekistan for the opportunity to hold three continental championships at once: the Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women, the Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women in the absolute weight category and the Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship among boys and girls aged 16-17.

From the countries of Central Asia, preliminary applications for participation been sent from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. East Asia will be represented by Mongolia, South Asia by Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

 The most plentiful national teams are from Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan itself. It is believed that they will compete for sets of medals in fourteen weight categories. We will see , if athletes from other countries will cause them worthy competition.

As everyone knows, mas-wrestling has national roots and, in this regard, also has a mission of cultural, in addition to being competitive. Thanks the organization of international competitions in different countries, participants, including organizers, referees and athletes, discover new horizons and get acquainted with local culture, historical sights and architectural heritage. At the opening and closing ceremonies of the competition, the host country always gives the audience songs and dances in a bright national setting. Various excursions are often organized. Along with adults, this time there will be young people who actively absorb everything new and learn to live with adult comrades.

Next year Tashkent will host the first International Sports Games "Children of Asia" in street sports. There is some hope that mas-wrestling will be included in the Program of the Games. In 2025, Uzbekistan will host the next Asian Games, and the International Mas-Wrestling Federation is also working on cooperation in this direction.

The acquaintance of mas-wrestlers with Uzbekistan began in 2013 with the holding of a mas-wrestling strongman tournament in the capital as part of the PROFORM sports festival. The reception was wonderful. Since then, not a single visit to this eastern country has been ordinary. The previous meeting in the pearl of Asia - the fabulous Khiva left an indelible mark on the original beauty and sultry heat. In Almalyk, major international mas-wrestling competitions will be held for the second time. And we have no doubt that our Uzbek colleagues will be on top this time as well. The program of all competitions can be found on the website of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on the event page.

There is very little time left, and we will find out the names of the new champions of Asia and the winners of the youth championship of the continent. Award paraphernalia, as always, is worthy of our champions. Thanks to Diana Baisheva! The winners of the continental championship will receive well-known products of JSC Komdragmetal RS (Y) as prizes.

The International Mas-Wrestling Federation is grateful for the assistance in organizing permanent partners, sponsors of international Mas-Wrestling competitions - LLC Utum-Invest +, PJSC Yakutskenergo, JSC Yakutia Railways, JSC FAPK Yakutia.

Today, the Mongolian national mas-wrestling team has already left for the Uzbek border. Mongolian athletes will have to overcome a 4,500 km long journey, cross the state borders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan before they end up in the city of Almalyk. The long trip will take four whole days. As you can see, purposeful people are looking for opportunities, overcoming obstacles on the way to a big dream, while others are looking for reasons to stay in their comfort zone. Mongolia will host the Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship 2023 and, consider that your preparations have already begun - they are going to learn from their Uzbek colleagues. Asia pulls together!

Let's go!

Author: Lena Tomskaya
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