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Almalyk becomes a hotbed of development for Asian mas-wrestling

These days Uzbekistan warmly welcomes participants of the continental mas-wrestling competitions among adults and youth.

Today, on November 4, the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Alexander Akimov held  the IMWF Presidium meeting in Almalyk, Uzbekistan, where he made a proposal to revive the Asian Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Recall that the holding of mas-wrestling events on the Asian continent began long before the creation of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation. So, back in 1996 in Tokyo (Japan), the first presentation of mas-wrestling took place during the Sumo Wrestling World Championship. Since 2000, mas-wrestling has been included in the program of the Children of Asia International Sports Games. In 2011, the Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship was held in Pune (India) for the first time with the participation of athletes fr om seven countries of the continent.

With the establishment of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation in 2011, work began at a higher organizational level. In 2016, the II Mas-wrestling World Championship was held in Cholpon-Ata (Kyrgyzstan) with the participation of 191 athletes from 33 countries of the world. The Mas-wrestling World Cup stages were held in Cholpon-Ata (Kyrgyzstan) and in Almalyk and Khiva (Uzbekistan).

The relevance of the revival of the Asian Mas-Wrestling Federation is obvious. We see the activity of some federations and the passivity of others. It is necessary to establish normal work, which requires a functioning organ. During the Mas-wrestling World Championship in Yakutsk, a general meeting was held, wh ere the leaders of the Asian federations voiced their proposals and their vision of the Asian Mas-Wrestling Federation. Almost everyone then offered to open a continental federation in their country. After a long discussion, it was decided to support the Uzbek colleagues, their arguments turned out to be more weighty.

In terms of population, Asia significantly exceeds the total population of all other parts of the world and accounts for about 60% of the population of our planet. For several years, fourteen Asian countries have been consistently involved in our family of world wrestlers: the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mongolia, the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of India, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Korea. There is a lot of serious work to be done on the development of new territories.

Today, Ilgam Kadyrov was unanimously elected president of the Asian Mas-Wrestling Federation, and Farkhod Matkarimov was elected Secretary General. President of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Iskender Alymbekov became the first vice-president, Vice-presidents - Nawab Furqan Khan (Pakistan), Omarmukhtar Tamboli (India) and Erdenevanchig Batbaatar (Mongolia) as representatives of the regions of the vast Asian continent. In general, all participants of the meeting are set to work.

Mr. Khan proposed to hold the first stage of the Mas-wrestling World Cup next year in Pakistan, Mongolia will take the second, the final is planned in Kazan, Russia. In addition to the main events, various local events are planned: match meetings, presentations in different countries, etc. The president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Mongolia, Munkhsuren Batbaatar, intends to "go with the mas-wrestling stick at the ready" to Korea, Japan and China. Mongolia has developed good sports ties with its neighbors. And now mas-wrestling will become another facet of their cooperation.

The Center of National Sports in Yakutia will fully assist in the presentation and other work of the newly created Asian organization. Colleagues from Kyrgyzstan offered comprehensive assistance from coaches and referees. The Kyrgyz Mas-Wrestling Federation was the first in Asian countries to officially accredit the Yakut sport and boasts the presence of masters of sports of international class. Taking this opportunity, we congratulate Marat Ramatov on being awarded the high title of Honored Coach of the republic. Three of his students became world champions at once this summer!

On such a positive note, the first day in Uzbekistan ended on the eve of three major events at once.

Please find attached the updated Competition Program:

 November 5 - Asian Mas-wrestling Championship among men and women

 09:00 - start of the competition

 15:00 - opening ceremony 

 16:00 - semifinal and final bouts

 17:30 - awarding

 18:00 - weigh-in: boys and girls. 

November 6 - Asian Mas-wrestling Championship among boys and girls and Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship in the absolute weight category

 9:00 - start of the competition among girls and boys

 14:00 - awarding the winners of the Asian Mas-wrestling Championship among boys and girls

 15:00 - start of the competition in the absolute weight category

 18:00 - awarding the winners of the Asian Mas-wrestling Championship in the absolute category

As a result of the work of the commission on admission of participants accepted applications from the national teams in mas-wrestling of seven countries - India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

So, tomorrow there will be an Asian Mas-wrestling Championship among men and women. Tomorrow’s pairs are:


60 kg

Xijinskiy Dmitriy, Uzbekistan - Tsetsgee Nyamdavaa, Mongolia

Mamazaitov Abdymanap, Kyrgyzstan - Salamatov Chyngyz, Kyrgyzstan                 

Arstanaliev Baias, Kyrgyzstan - Jambal Enkhbat, Mongolia

65 kg

Saribayev Sardor, Uzbekistan - Azhar Ali, Pakistan       

Sherbakun Uluu Islam, Kyrgyzstan - Imashov Adilet, Kyrgyzstan     

Yuldoshev Zukhriddin, Uzbekistan - Turgunbaev Ulanbek, Kyrgyzstan

 70 kg

Togtogoon Kajymukan, Mongolia - Mohammed Abdul Hakeem, India

Shahzaib, Pakistan - Murodilloev Tavakkal, Uzbekistan 

Ahmad Muhammad Saeed, Pakistan - Asim Muhammad, Pakistan    

Erkinov Akhrorjon, Uzbekistan - Dzhobborov Abdullokh, Kyrgyzstan       

Khan Muhammad Izhar Ul Haq, Pakistan - Tursunbekov Daniiar, Kyrgyzstan 

Toktoshev Bekmyrza, Kyrgyzstan - Zaydinov Aziz, Uzbekistan  

Abdullaev Abdullokh, Uzbekistan

75 kg

Tserendorj Batkhishig, Mongolia - Abdurakhmonov Lazizbek, Uzbekistan

Dustmatov Khursan, Kyrgyzstan - Rusbek Uluu Iskenderbek, Kyrgyzstan  

Shakirov Azamat, Kyrgyzstan - Koshelkov Nikita, Uzbekistan         

Erkinov Makhmudjon, Uzbekistan - free

80 kg

Roman Uluu Bakyt, Kyrgyzstan - Saidkhonov Nozimkhon, Uzbekistan      

Muxtorxonov Ibrohimxon, Uzbekistan - Rehman Muhammad Huzaifa Abdul, Pakistan  

Munkhbaatar Bilguun, Mongolia - free

90 kg

Qodirov Ilyos, Uzbekistan - Yusupov Rustam, Uzbekistan      

Ahsan Ali, Pakistan - Sukhbaatar Otgonbayar, Mongolia        

Khojaev Khurmatbek, Uzbekistan - Chynybek Uluu Ruslanbek, Kyrgyzstan        

Xamroliyev Abdulahad, Uzbekistan - Gafurov Sardor, Uzbekistan

105 kg

Urunbaev Akylbek, Kyrgyzstan - Bobojonov Elyor, Uzbekistan       

Trofimenko Sergey, Uzbekistan - Battulga Tumen-Ulzii, Mongolia   

Iqbal Muhammad Bilal, Pakistan - Sabir Shaheryar, Pakistan  

Raxmatullayev Saidaxmad, Uzbekistan - Orifov Bakhtiyor, Tajikistan       

Togoobat Adiyatumur, Mongolia - Ermatov Ziyodulla, Uzbekistan

125 kg

Adkhamjonov Shokrukhbek, Uzbekistan - Itolmasov Orifbek, Uzbekistan  

Yrysbaev Ulukbek, Kyrgyzstan - Krasnov Alexandr, Kazahstan       

Togayberdiev Khamro, Uzbekistan

125+ kg

Arabov Navruz, Tajikistan - Ataibek Uluu Keldibek, Kyrgyzstan      

Alimov Dilmurod, Uzbekistan - Khaydarov Avazjon, Uzbekistan     

Tokhtamatov Mukhammad-Ali, Kyrgyzstan – free


55 kg

Bayarbat Chandmali-Erdene, Mongolia - Anu Priyadarshi, India       

Kim Vanessa, Uzbekistan - Kamzina Rushaniya, Uzbekistan   

Turdali Kyzy Zuura, Kyrgyzstan - Sadyrova Malika, Kyrgyzstan

65 kg

Khukhuu Munkhtuya, Mongolia - Zidaabazar Sarantuya, Mongolia  

Madanbaeva Adel, Kyrgyzstan – Shanza, Pakistan        

Shah Najeya Sajjad, Pakistan - Sodiqova Gulnoraxon, Uzbekistan

75 kg

Bolotbekova Eldana, Kyrgyzstan - Bekturgan Kyzy Guldana, Kyrgyzstan  

Kurbanova Durdona, Uzbekistan - Rejabova Gulnoza, Uzbekistan

85 kg

Sadikova Shokhista, Uzbekistan - Mamazhanova Sanabarkhon, Kyrgyzstan

85+ kg

Bayantugs Erdenetuya, Mongolia - Qodirova Evelina, Uzbekistan        

Rakhmanova Dildora, Kyrgyzstan - Liaqat Shumail, Pakistan  

Ilisheva Vinera, Kyrgyzstan - Abdunabieva Shirin Uzbekistan

Chief referee - Ilgam Kadyrov (Uzbekistan), Deputy chief referee - Vasily Protopopov (Russia), Chief Secretary - Ermek Kurmanaliev. (Kyrgyzstan)






Author: Лена Томская
Photo: Максим Суханов
Number of shows: 567
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