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Kyrgyz Republic’s Mas-wrestling school is the best in Asia

The Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship in Uzbekistan ended with the absolute triumph of the Kyrgyz national team.

Nine gold medals were won by students of the deservedly deserved mas-wrestling coach of the Kyrgyz Republic-Marat Ramatov! Our sincere congratulations to the National Mas-Wrestling Federation under the leadership of Iskender Alymbekov!

In total, fourteen sets of awards were played in accordance with the weight categories. Award attributes, as always, unique from the famous designer Diana Baisheva. It's no secret that they are really hunted by many, and every owner of this exclusive medals feels lucky when he holds these wonderful items in his hands.

In the unofficial team event, the first place was taken by the team of the Kyrgyz Republic. The second place of honor belobngs to the hosts. The third team cup is taken by the Mongolian team, which has earned great respect for its 5,000-kilometer autocrossing from Ulaanbaatar to Almalyk.

The champions received memorable souvenirs from JSC "Komdragmetal RS (Y)" as a prize - silver bars with images of the homeland of the sport and the national Yakut holiday "Ysyakh". The winners were presented with silver souvenirs from the Jewelry House "Kierge" - a permanent and reliable partner of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Congratulations to all the organizers, referees, coaches, athletes on the successful holding of the Championship!

Let's announce the champions and winners by name!

Men 60 kg

1. Salamatov Chyngyz, Kyrgyzstan   

2. Arstanaliev Baias, Kyrgyzstan

3. Tsetsgee Nyamdavaa, Mongolia

3. Xijinskiy Dmitriy, Uzbekistan

Coach of the champion – Ramatov Marat, Kyrgyzstan    

Men 65 kg

1. Imashov Adilet, Kyrgyzstan    

2. Yuldoshev Zukhriddin, Uzbekistan

3. Azhar Ali, Pakistan      

3. Sherbakun Uluu Islam, Kyrgyzstan

Coach of the champion - Ramatov Marat, Kyrgyzstan    

Men 70 kg

1. Toktoshev Bekmyrza, Kyrgyzstan

2. Asim Muhammad, Pakistan

3. Tursunbekov Daniiar, Kyrgyzstan

3. Togtogoon Kajymukan, Mongolia

Coach of the champion - Ramatov Marat, Kyrgyzstan 

Men 75 kg

1. Abdurakhmonov Lazizbek, Uzbekistan

2. Dustmatov Khursan, Kyrgyzstan

3. Shakirov Azamat, Kyrgyzstan

3. Tserendorj Batkhishig, Mongolia

Coach of the champion – Epifanov Sergey, UzbekistanMen 80 kg

1. Muxtorxonov Ibrohimxon, Uzbekistan

2. Saidkhonov Nozimkhon, Uzbekistan

3. Munkhbaatar Bilguun, Mongolia

3. Roman Uluu Bakyt, Kyrgyzstan

Coach of the champion - Qodirov Ilyos, Uzbekistan 

Men 90 kg

1. Chynybek Uluu Ruslanbek, Kyrgyzstan 

2. Sukhbaatar Otgonbayar, Mongolia

3. Gafurov Sardor, Uzbekistan

3. Khojaev Khurmatbek, Uzbekistan

Coach of the champion - Ramatov Marat, Kyrgyzstan

Men 105 kg

1. Trofimenko Sergey, Uzbekistan

2. Raxmatullayev Saidaxmad, Uzbekistan

3. Urunbaev Akylbek, Kyrgyzstan

3. Bobojonov Elyor, Uzbekistan

Coach of the champion – Pirov Anton, Uzbekistan

Men 125 kg

1. Yrysbaev Ulukbek, Kyrgyzstan

2. Togayberdiev Khamro, Uzbekistan

3. Adkhamjonov Shokrukhbek, Uzbekistan

3. Itolmasov Orifbek, Uzbekistan 

Coach of the champion - Ataibek Uluu Keldibek, Kyrgyzstan 

Men +125 kg

1. Ataibek Uluu Keldibek, Kyrgyzstan 

2. Khaydarov Avazjon, Uzbekistan   

3. Tokhtamatov Mukhammad-Ali, Kyrgyzstan

3. Arabov Navruz, Tajikistan

Coach of the champion – Kurmanaliev Ermek, Kyrgyzstan 

Women 55 kg

1. Kamzina Rushaniya, Uzbekistan 

2. Sadyrova Malika, Kyrgyzstan

3. Bayarbat Chandmali-Erdene, Mongolia

3. Kim Vanessa, Uzbekistan

Coach of the champion - Epifanov Sergey, Uzbekistan 

Women 65 kg

1. Madanbaeva Adel, Kyrgyzstan

2. Sodiqova Gulnoraxon, Uzbekistan

3. Shanza, Pakistan

3. Khukhuu Munkhtuya, Mongolia

Coach of the champion - Ramatov Marat, Kyrgyzstan 

Women 75 kg

1. Bolotbekova Eldana, Kyrgyzstan

2. Rejabova Gulnoza, Uzbekistan

3. Bekturgan Kyzy Guldana, Kyrgyzstan

3. Kurbanova Durdona, Uzbekistan

Coach of the champion - Ramatov Marat, Kyrgyzstan 

Women 85 kg

1. Sadikova Shokhista, Uzbekistan

2. Mamazhanova Sanabarkhon, Kyrgyzstan

Coach of the champion – Ergashov Adkhan, Uzbekistan 

Women +85 kg

1. Rakhmanova Dildora, Kyrgyzstan

2. Abdunabieva Shirin Uzbekistan

3. Ilisheva Vinera, Kyrgyzstan

3. Bayantugs Erdenetuya, Mongolia

Coach of the champion – Pazylov Nazyrali, Kyrgyzstan

But the sports festival in Almalyk does not end there! The Uzbek competitive marathon continues. Today, the Asian Mas-Wrestling Championship among boys and girls aged 15-16 and the Absolute Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women will be held! Stay updated with news from Central Asia!

The International Mas-Wrestling Federation thanks its permanent partners, sponsors of international mas-wrestling competitions - LLC Utum-Invest +, PJSC Yakutskenergo, JSC AK Railways of Yakutia, JSC FAPK Yakutia for their assistance in organizing the championship.

Author: Лена Томская
Photo: Максим Суханов
Number of shows: 495
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