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Mas-Wrestling Academy started its work in Almaty

Colleagues from Kazakhstan informed on the establishment of the Mas-wrestling Academy in the country.

This  important event took place in a solemn atmosphere on January 23, 2023 at the HALYK ARENA in Almaty.

The site of Academy’s activity will be the newly opened unique sports institution «CENTER 360», which will also be involved in other areas of activity. So, here will work family fitness programs - «3D FITNESS» and training groups for athletes and coaches of adaptive sports.

At the presentation of the Center, the Sports Calendar for 2023-2024 was discussed. There were networking and photo sessions with famous athletes and champions.

«CENTER 360» defined its goals and objectives. These are:

- education of children, teenagers, professional athletes and coaches in mas-wrestling - Tayak Tartu;

- promoting healthy lifestyles through individual, group and unique family fitness programs;

- creating an inclusive environment, popularizing mass and professional sports among people with «different opportunities»;

- training of coaches and teachers of physical education on the license program of the international institute «3D Institute» USA;

- introduction of international experience for the development of mass and professional sports in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by:

- Bulat Mergaliev - Honorary President of the World Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (WBPF);

- Talap Imataliev - President of the Republican Mas-wrestling Federation;

- Pavel Fitisov - Head coach of the oMas-wrestling national team, mas-wrestling international category referee;

- Altyn Akylbekova - prize-winner of the Mas-wrestling World Championship;

- Alexey Pisarevsky - one of the strongest strongmen of the republic;

- Asan Itenov - founder of the fund «CERE LIFE», president of the Almaty Boccia Federation.

Author: Mas-Wrestling Federation of Kazakhstan Press
Photo: Mas-Wrestling Federation of Kazakhstan Press
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Country:  Kazakhstan
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