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Fraternal mas-wrestling tournament in Brezno

On June 3, the Slovak city of Brezno hosted the international tournament «Double Red Mas-Wrestling Cup 2023».

Surely, we can say about the success of this mas-wrestling tournament in Brezno - athletes from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic took part in the competition. The leaders of the mas-wrestling federations of these countries reaffirmed their commitment to the true ideals in sports and loyalty to the course in accordance with the Charter of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

The tournament was organized by the Banska Bystrica’s sports club under the umbrella of the Slovak Mas-Wrestling Association and sponsored by Double Red. This is the second mas-wrestling tournament she has sponsored.

Representatives of the homeland of mas-wrestling - yakutians from Bratislava, visited the opening ceremony. Vice-President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Lena Tomskaya addressed the audience with a welcoming speech in the yakut language, Nikolai Egorov from Amginskiy district played the khomus, and Anatoly Trifonov performed a blessing ceremony according to the tradition of the Sakha people.

The anthem of Slovakia was performed on the violin. It was out of the box and sounded heartfelt and warm. I would like to note the emphatically respectful attitude towards Russia on the part of the organizers. Everything shows that ideological work is being carried out in this direction. Colleagues organized an excursion to the Memorial of the fallen Soviet soldiers who liberated Slovakia from the fascist invaders during the World War II. The monument stands in the very center of the main square of Banska Bystrica. It can be seen that it is carefully looked after and updated, unlike other European countries.

Our event was attended by representatives of the pro-Russian organization Brother for Brother, who have contacts with the Russian Embassy in Slovakia. “The organization exists as a gratitude to the heroes of the World War II,” leader Aleksa Matush says in his interviews. He also gave us a short interview with words of gratitude to Russia.

The Slovak Mas-Wrestling Association, headed by Jan Matej, is one of the best in the world in popularizing the yakut sport. The work is carried out in ten clubs in different cities of the country. In addition to adults, students of junior, middle and senior classes participate in various competitions. Serious preparations are underway for the Mas-Wrestling Europe Championship and Mas-Wrestling Europe Junior Championship planned in Azerbaijan. There is a full readiness to put forward the full line-ups of teams both among adults and among juniors. For outstanding services, Jan Matei was awarded the "Letter of gratitude" by the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

According to the Regulations of the competition, men over 16 years old in four weight categories and women over 15 years old in two took part in the tournament. The main struggle in the competition with active spectator support unfolded in the category up to 100 kg between traditional rivals - old friends Oliver Kurek and Azat Tashtanbekov. In the course of a stubborn struggle, the representative of Hungary Tashtanbekov won. The winners received a monetary reward. The victor in the absolute weight category was awarded a special prize.

After the tournament, a detailed discussion took place about further plans for joint work. At the same time, they also discussed the creation of the European Mas-Wrestling Association. Jan Matej has a draft systematization of both international and European organizations ready. Of course, the opinion of an authoritative colleague will not be ignored, and at the next meeting of the IMWF Presidium, his proposals will be carefully listened to.

Information about the international mas-wrestling tournament held on the territory of a European state will be published in the news story of NBC «Sakha».

List of prize-winners and winners

Женщины 65 кг

1. Ema          MIŠOVČÍKOVÁ            KSTaK Matej Bardejov

2. Viktória    VACZYOVÁ                  KSTaK Matej Bardejov

3. Monika     KAČMÁROVÁ              KSTaK Matej Bardejov

Женщины 65+ кг

1. Dominika  KYZEKOVÁ                Brezno

2. Timea        RAJTÍKOVÁ                KSTaK Matej Bardejov

Женщины – абсолютная категория

1. Dominika   KYZEKOVÁ               Brezno

2. Ema            MIŠOVČÍKOVÁ         KSTaK Matej Bardejov

3. Timea         RAJTÍKOVÁ               KSTaK Matej Bardejov

Мужчины до 80 кг

1. Jozef           BUVALA                     ŠK Mas Wrestling B. Bystrica

2. Daniel         TATARKA                  Powerliftinf club Žilina

3. Tibor           HVOZDOVIČ             KSŠ Dido PWL Giraltovce

Мужчины до 100 кг

1. Azat            TASHTANBEKOV     Maďarsko

2. Oliver         KUREK                        ŠK Mas Wrestling B. Bystrica

3. Martin         LOVIŠEK                    Iron Athlete Sološnica

3. Attila           KITANOVIČ               ŠK Mas Wrestling D. Streda

Мужчины до 120 кг

1. Kristián      MÓRO                          ŠK Mas Wrestling B. Bystrica

2. Miroslav     KRÁL                           Česka republika

3. Boris          ŠTULAJTER                ŠK Mas Wrestling B. Bystrica

Мужчины – абсолютная категория

1. Márius        BABKOVIČ                 Strong Man Bánovce n. Bebravou

2. Azat            TASHTANBEKOV     Maďarsko

3. Oliver          KUREK                       ŠK Mas Wrestling B. Bystrica

3. Kristián       MÓRO                         ŠK Mas Wrest
Author: Лена Томская
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