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These days Mongolia is hosting the best Asian mas-wrestlers

Mas-wrestlers from Bangladesh, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan arrived in Mongolia to identify the best among adults and youths in the Asian region.

All arrivals were warmly welcomed by Mongolian friends in the best traditions - beautiful girls treated with delicious local delicacies, and then everyone was taken to the competition venue not far fr om the capital - a picturesque area wh ere there is a green forest all around and pure mountain air.

According to the results of the commission for the admission of participants among adults - 70 athletes from all five countries declared themselves, among boys and girls - 26 participants from four countries and 11 athletes from three countries will take part in the absolute championship. During registration, in addition to the participant's badge, each athlete received a gift from the host - a package with a large terry towel with the championship logo and a thermos.

Experienced spectators easily recognize many well-known mas-wrestlers from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Many Kyrgyz athletes have sports categories and titles in mas-wrestling up to international masters of sports. They are accompanied by an experienced coach Marat Ramatov. Recall that last year's Asian Championship, held in Uzbekistan, brought him nine medals as a coach of champion. Whether he will be able to beat his record this year, the near future will show. But at a press conference that took place today at the Ministry of Sports of Mongolia, he announced his ambitions again.

Although the Uzbek national team will be smaller in its composition, it also intends to give battle to the hosts of the championship, who have been diligently preparing at the training camp, including in the homeland of the sport - in Yakutia.

Two TV channels will cover the bouts of mas-wrestlers live in English and Mongolian language. Also it is promised an online format on the YouTube channel. Perhaps it will be possible to voice it for Russian-speaking viewers. But our mas-wrestling is good because all the ups and downs of the competition are clearly visible and understandable even to a simple spectator who is not tempted by subtleties.

The competitions will be held in a mixed format, that is, the bouts of young athletes will be mixed with adult starts.

The Chief Referee of the competition is Sainbayar Telmen, the Chief secretary is Farkhot Matkarimov. An international team of referees from Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia will work on the platform.

Today, the national team of Mongolia was presented with a unique tent on behalf of the sponsoring organization "Khotutent". It was installed on the square in front of the sports complex, and the Mongolian athletes recorded a video in gratitude for such a good gift.

Unfortunately we don't see each other as often as we used to. It is felt that everyone missed the competition, although the athletes hug in a friendly way, they still take a closer look at who is in what form. Coaches poking fun at each other, showing off their successes. In general, the atmosphere is great. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow. We wish the athletes beautiful bouts, and we wish them the purest pleasure from watching them!

Lena Tomskaya, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia




Author: Лена Томская
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Country:  Mongolia
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