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Mas-wrestling is heading for the Eurasiad

The Eurasian Mas-Wrestling Tournament has ended in the capital of Bashkiria, the beautiful Ufa. Our tournament was held in the hall of the Dynamo stadium in an atmosphere of sports friendship and absolute mutual understanding. That is especially valuable these days...

Mas-wrestlers of Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan contested on that day the right to be called the first winners of a historical sporting event - the I International Sports Games in national and non-Olympic sports "Towards the Eurasian". 

Mas-wrestling, simple and complex at the same time, won the hearts of athletes from all over the world and became a bridge of friendship between continents. And it rightfully entered the program of the Games. The first Eurasian Games in national and non-Olympic sports declared their status to become a new communication format for the peoples of the countries of Eurasia. We have rightfully become part of a unique international sporting event. 

A feature of these competitions is the fact that they are held literally on the eve of the world championship, which will be held in the historic city of Khiva in Uzbekistan on September 7-10. Meetings on the Bashkir platform became a kind of estimate for this event. We are glad that the Uzbek leader Ilgam Kadyrov found an opportunity to bring a full-fledged team to Russia.

Traditionally, Russian athletes immediately set the bar high. The guys from Yakutia, the birthplace of the sport, showed their perfected technique. But the opponents were not easy either. Everyone was eager to wear medals of prestigious competitions on their chests. 

Russia, by right of the host country, was represented by two teams. The second Russian national mas-wrestling team included athletes from Bashkortostan. Among them, I would like to highlight Artem Batyrshin, a veterinarian by profession and a mas-wrestler at heart. His skills and abilities in the sport of climbing gave him a weight advantage. Tall, with long “levers”, with tenacious hands, he had every chance of becoming the first ... if Aisen Semenov, the legendary all-around wrestler from Yakutia, had not stood on his way to the podium.

Molukova Svetlana from Yakutia and Viktoria Yakovenko from Moscow in the weight categories up to 65 kg and up to 85 kg among women were head and shoulders above their rivals, and for this reason the aroma of bouquets of fresh flowers deservedly enveloped them during the award ceremony. 

Azerbaijan was not represented so widely, but in honor of one of the team members, as a result, the country's anthem sounded. The world-famous Jahangir Yagubov, devoted to mas-wrestling to the last cell of his powerful organism, unperturbed and confident in his abilities, absolutely competently built the tactics of fighting with each opponent, revealing their strengths and weaknesses. This led him to the coveted victory. Thanks to enthusiasts like Jahangir, mas-wrestling remains in the zone of increased activity on the world sports arena in the current difficult time of global change. Low bow.

A special song should be sung by the Mongolian team, which brought with them an international judge, Daariimaa Bumbat. Led by the President of the National Federation Menkhsuren Batbaatar and Vice-President, Honored Worker in Physical Culture and Sports of Mongolia Dmitry Baishev, a disciplined, friendly team left the most favorable impression of itself. 

Togtogun Kaiymukan proved to be a real warrior in the 70 kg category. He went out to every fight with a special attitude and showed the whole world the beauty of mas-wrestling. Yes, he did not become a triumph that day, but he left an indelible impression on himself! Numerous viewers will remember him just like that - charged for victory, full of real emotions with the hope of victory and the bitterness of defeat. It is for this that the audience loves His Majesty Sport - for sincere emotions. Thank you very much for such a generous gift.

Turkmenistan was represented by one athlete. Who said that one in the field is not a warrior? The folk proverb may be right, but not in the case when Begench Rejepov enters the platform! If you want to see fights with his participation, just follow the link

Here is the list of winners and runners up:

Woman 65 kg                                

1. Molukova Svetlana - Russia

2. Khurelbaatar Lkhagvadolgor  - Mongolia

3. Kim Vanessa - Uzbekistan

3. Mukhametova Ilnara - Russia

Woman 85 kg                                

1. Yakovenko Viktoriya - Russia

2. Rejabova Gulnoza - Uzbekistan

3. Mukhametyarova Liana - Russia

3. Bayantugs Erdenetuya - Mongolia                        

Men 70 kg                          

1. Antonov Nurgun - Russia

2. Rejepov Begench - Turkmenistan

3. Togtogoon Kajymukan - Mongolia

3. Gabdrakhmanov Ilsaf - Russia                                  

Men 80 kg                          

1. Semenov Aisen - Russia

2. Batyrshin Artem - Russia

3. Hanlarov Orkhan - Azerbaijan

3. Ikhbayar Buyandalai – Mongolia

Men 90 kg                          

1. Atastyrov Aisen  - Russia

2. Irnazarov Ratmir - Russia

3. Khunbaatar Ser-Od – Mongolia

Men 105 kg                        

1. Yagubov Jahangir - Azerbaijan

2. Sychev Alexey - Russia

3. Togayberdiev Khamro - Uzbekistan

3. Dovdon Oyundorj - Mongolia                                  

Men 125 kg                        

1. Mikhailov Vladimir - Russia

2. Vagapov Denis - Russia

3. Buyandelger Munkhyushig - Mongolia

3. Itolmasov Orifbek - Uzbekistan

The competitions were held in an expectedly warm atmosphere thanks to the leader of the efforts of the regional mas-wrestling federation Rail Bikmaev. Everything from the venue of the competition to the live broadcast can be assessed with five points. The international referee team under the leadership of Kere Nikolaeva worked one hundred percent. It remains only to thank the organizers of this wonderful undertaking - the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations "The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly" and the Committee of National and Non-Olympic Sports of Russia. The All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, headed by Mikhail Gulyaev, is always ready to support any undertakings in the name of Russian sports. 

The best meetings on the platform of mas-wrestling, we are sure, are ahead!



Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 288
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