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Chuvashia is at the forefront of World Student Mas-wrestling again

More than a hundred participants gathered at the World Student Mas-Wrestling Games, which became a part of the 1st World Games of National Martial Arts in Cheboksary on October 4-8.

On the very first day of the Games, after the grand opening, work began on all sports grounds of the Cheboksary Arena Ice Palace.

The Head of the Republic Oleg Nikolaev wished to personally see the presented sports. Attention was drawn to the large bright mas-wrestling platform, where presentation bouts were already taking place. The President of the regional mas-wrestling federation, Alexey Vladimirov, did a quick rundown about the intricacies of conducting mas-wrestling boutst to the distinguished guests. Oleg Alekseevich is familiar with our sport and always especially notes its entertainment and authenticity.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee of the Russian Federation on the financial market, co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Games, chairman of the regional branch of the Russian Union of Martial Arts Anatoly Aksakov and Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Chuvash Republic Vasily Petrov were also pleased with what they saw. Vasily Vladimirovich highly appreciated the work of the regional federation team led by Alexey Vladimirov, noting that it is one of the most dynamically developing sport. 26 athletes are part of the Russian national mas-wrestling teams, which is a high figure and mas-wrestling rightfully ranks first among non-Olympic sports in the republic.

The international student movement in our sport began back in 2017 during the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi. Back then, open training sessions, master classes and mas-wrestling competitions were held in the Olympic Park at Medals Plaza from morning until late evening. During a large-scale presentation, a huge daisy, the symbol of the festival, “bloomed” on the mas-wrestling podium, and the organizers were divided into five teams, based on parts of the world. Each team worked on its own "leaf": "Europe" - on blue, "Asia" - on yellow, "Africa" - on black, "Australia" - on green and "America" - on red. The site daily attracted the attention of several hundred visitors, for whom specialists from 20 Russian regions and famous athletes from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Poland and Uruguay worked with complete dedication. Over the five days of the Sochi festival, the mas-wrestling site was visited by 1,632 people from 78 countries. Back then we only dreamed of conquering the big world, not fully realizing how real it was.

Inspired by the ideas of uniting student youth around the world around mas-wrestling, enthusiasts in the regions began to attract foreign students to their activities. And it was absolutely the right step. Working with foreign youth in our country, we do not spend much effort, do not cross borders, and communicate with them in comfortable Russian. This is especially important now when the borders between countries are closed. This is a real contribution to the future of mas-wrestling. By engaging young people, we are working for the future, because certified specialists will take home the skills they have acquired from Russia and will contribute to the development of mas-wrestling in their homeland.

Each person is unique in himself and carries the whole Universe within himself. One person can change the world. Every student who loves mas-wrestling with all his heart becomes our ambassador in his country. It won't be long before we reap the fruits of our hard work. Work for the sake of creation and peace.

The first person to calculate the potential of this area was Alexey Vladimirov from Chuvashia. His team, led by coach Aleksei Atlaskin, became the instigator of attracting students from abroad to mas-wrestling, who came to our country to receive higher professional education. Their efforts did not go unnoticed - the “first signs” participated at the World Championships in Yakutsk in 2018. The World Student League “Mas-wrestling Universe” was created. Further more. The baton was picked up by the neighboring region - Bashkortostan. And the 2022 World Championships also welcomed international students from this region. Bright representatives of new countries appeared. New stars have lit up, followed by their many fellow countrymen. This process is already unstoppable.

And now the day and hour have come that we have been waiting for a long time. On October 5, at the largest sports ground in the capital of Chuvashia, the Cheboksary Arena, the World University Games started as part of the First World Games of National Martial Arts. Competitions are held in all possible weight categories. the number of participants is sufficient for fierce competition. Judge for yourself. We present to your attention the breakdown by weight category:

Men: 60 kg – 10, 65 kg – 14, 70 kg – 11, 75 kg – 7, 80 kg – 9, 90 kg – 7, 105 kg – 4, 125 kg – 4, 125+ kg – 3.

Women: 55 kg – 8, 65 kg – 9, 75 kg – 8, 85 kg – 6, 85+ kg – 4.

The first competition day summed up its results:

Men - 60 kg

3rd place - Vitaly Zarovnyaev, Russia, SPbGTI (TU), St. Petersburg

Men - 70 kg

1st place - Zabolotsky Semyon, Russia, NEFU, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

2nd place - Marinkin Nikolay, Russia, ChSU, Chuvash Republic

3rd place - Vladimir Dashkov, Russia, ChSU, Chuvash Republic

Women - 55 kg 

1st place - Mikhailova Angelina, Russia, SGSPU, Samara region 

2nd place - Alena Akakieva, Russia, NEFU, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 

3rd place - Elena Iovleva, Russia, ChSU, Chuvash Republic 

Women - 75 kg 

1st place - Ekimova Lika, Russia, Vladimir Agrarian College, Vladimir region 

2nd place - Elizaveta Bilibina, Russia, YuPK, Kaluga region 

3rd place - Aleeva Gelnaz, Russia, ChSU, Chuvash Republic

Some bouts, including the finals, were postponed at the request of the organizers to October 8 for filming on the federal sports television channel MatchTV.

The entire course of the fights can be seen live broadcast in a specially created telegram channel at the link

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 150
Country:  Russia
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