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Congratulations to the winners!

The first results of the continental championships in Slovakia.
European mas-wrestling is going through hard times. But nevertheless, caring people gathered these days in Brezno, Slovakia. Those who began to discover a new sport became sincerely interested in it and became its promoters. And later he did not betray him during the period of difficult trials. Geopolitical turbulence in the world is beyond all conceivable and unimaginable norms. It is difficult for an ordinary person to quickly adapt and navigate in these circumstances. We are trying to carefully preserve the fragile world that we ourselves have created. A world in which we are all very comfortable.

In Europe, the Mas-Wrestling Association of Slovakia, headed by Jan Matej, has become the stronghold of mas-wrestling. There are a lot of young people around him, which, of course, is good news. Today, at the opening ceremony, he thanked all his colleagues for their help in organizing the European Championships and especially singled out Vice-President Oliver Kurek. All participants and guests of the sports festival join his words. What's there to hide? The holiday was a success!

In gratitude for organizing such a large-scale sporting event, the mayor of the city of Brezno, Thomas Abel, presented gifts to the Secretary General of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation Arnold Mokhov, Vice-President Lena Tomskaya and Ambassador of World Mas-Wrestling, representative of the main partner of the IMWF - the Joint-Stock Company "Railways of Yakutia" Yulia Ryasnova.

We again plunged into the atmosphere of old times and we had a good time together. We spent this day in a competitive mode - we cheered for each other, not paying attention to what country we were from. We cried with Tamás Deli when he stood on the highest step of the podium and the anthem of his homeland was played. We were happy for Yana Vaskova, who has been keeping her rivals on their toes for quite a long time and is a worthy example for everyone. We were worried when our colleague from Hungary, Attila Nagy, “flew” far beyond the competitive zone due to the seemingly small efforts of his fellow countryman Alex Vero. We were proud of the younger generation. Boys and girls from early continents fought seriously and gave us not only bright moments of their fights, but also hope that we have a future. I hope many mas-wrestling fans experienced it with us thanks to the live broadcast.

Congratulations to the  prize-winners!

Women 75 kg

1. Shapka Ilona - Russia     

2. Bordas Dorina - Hungary

Women 85 kg

1. Vaskova Jana - Slovakia

2. David Vanessza - Hungary

3. Abduzoiirova Mokhinur - Russia

Women 85+ kg

1. Galkina Anastasiia - Russia     

2. Bayantugs Erdenetuya - Mongolia

3. Kyzekova Dominika - Slovakia

4. Korycka Agnieszka Karolina – Poland 

Men 105 kg

1. Deli Tamas - Hungary

2. Nikolaev Valentin - Russia

3. Sidorjak Oliver - Slovakia

4. Zumadze Davit - Georgia

Men 125 kg

1. Bappagai Erchim - Russia        

2. Babkovic Marius - Slovakia

3. Ratkov Vlada - Serbia

Men 125+ kg

1. Vero Alex - Hungary

2. Bodnàr Bàlint - Hungary

3. Nagy Attila - Hungary

4. Pavlov Pavel – Russia 

Girls 60 kg

1. Matejova Natalia - Slovakia

2. Enkhbayar Orkhontamir - Mongolia

3. Lukács Luca - Hungary

Girls 70+ kg

1. Kacmarova Monika - Slovakia

2. Jigjsuren Khuslen - Mongolia

3. Štulrajterová Zuzana - Slovakia

Boys 70 kg

1. Lhagvasuren Munkh-Ochir - Mongolia

2. Tkač Julius - Slovakia

Boys 80 kg

1. Harom Adam - Slovakia

2. Nagy Keneth - Slovakia

3. Hvozdovič Tobias - Slovakia

3. Bzdil Aaron - Slovakia

Boys 80+ kg

1. Voros Dávid - Slovakia

2. Marko Tomáš - Slovakia

3. Russkikh Mikhail - Russia

3. Szikszai Ferenc - Hungary



Author: Лена Томская
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