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Mas-wrestling first steps in the Heavenly Empire

Mas-Wrestling Federation of China was incorporated in November, and on December 21, by a general decision of all members at the annual Congress, it joined the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on a par with the Malaysian federation.

In honor of this truly great event for all of us, an international tournament was

organized in the city of Xilinhot. These days it is holding in five weight categories among men with the participation of 98 athletes from four countries - China, Mongolia, Russia and the USA. 

Mr. Urtumuren, the organizer and president of the China Sambo and Mas-Wrestling Federation, assured us that in subsequent tournaments will take part not hundreds, but thousands of Chinese mas-wrestlers. Your applause.

Today, at the ceremonial opening of the event, Urtumuren presented the seal and documents of the organization to the elected president, Mr. Bukhbaatar, a local businessman who owns a network of car dealerships. The President addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, after the national anthem of the People's Republic of China was played.

Mr. Bukhbaatar entirely understands the full measure of responsibility and began covering the new sport even during the work of the admission commission. The number of views of information about mas-wrestling on his channel (the ultimate dream of a blogger) reached 8 million.

During his presentation speech at the Congress of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Mr. Bukhbaatar shared his plans for the near future. So, during the year he will hold a series of tournaments of a local nature in order to familiarize the population with mas-wrestling and at the end of the year he will arrange large-scale international competitions with a large coverage of participants and with a good prize pool. A great start! 

The mediator in this historic event was our Mongolian colleague, IMWF Presidium member, Erdenevanchig Batbaatar, whose area of responsibility includes the development of mas-wrestling in East Asia. 

A delegation of the IMWF from Yakutsk, with the financial support of the Joint-Stock Company "Railways of Yakutia", consisting of: IMWF Vice–President Lena Tomskaya - head, Aina–Katerina Anufrieva and Ailana Stepanova - employees of the International Development Department of the “RCNS named after V. Manchaary” and current athlete Innokentii Fedorov, left for China to help organize and hold the first competition. Dmitry Baishev, Yakut, Vice-president of the Mongolian Mas-Wrestling Federation, and CEO of Gogo Technology, also left to support his national team. 

The creation of the national Mas-Wrestling Federation will open up new horizons for Chinese athletes and will contribute to our good neighborly relations! May friendly sports ties between different countries of the world grow stronger!

Author: Лена Томская
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