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Yakut mas-wrestling united Africa, Asia, Europe and South America in São Paulo

Four continents were represented at the 2024 Arnold Classic South America in the discipline of mas-wrestling - the participants of the competition came from Benin, Hungary and many states of Brazil. The referees arrived from Mongolia. Thus, our favorite sport continues its main mission - to unite all people of good will.

In Brazil, the continental version of the Arnold Classic festival has its own history. These days, the organizers and participants of a grand world-class sports event celebrated 10-year anniversary. And we, too. Mas-wrestling is included in the official program for the fifth time thanks to the efforts of the President Brazil Mas-wrestling Confederation - Vilmar Oliveira.

Recall that the baton of mas-wrestling competitions within the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival handed him a colleague from the USA a legendary Odd Haugen. The same competition was held in Melbourne, Australia, thanks to Carl Waitoa from New Zealand.

On April 7, at the exhibition center «Norte» in Sao Paulo, two international competitions were held at once: Open Brazil Mas-wrestling Championship and the Absolute Mas-wrestling Championship of Arnold Classic. Both were more than successful. After the end of battles on the platform participants were no rush to leave, a winners hugged with a losers, made a photos in memory of this day.

At the opening ceremony, Iulia Riasnova - the ambassador of the world mas-wrestling, representative of the general partner of the International Mas-wrestling Federation - Joint-Stock Company «Yakutia Railways» addressed the participants with a welcoming speech and wished an honest struggle and vivid impressions. That’s exactly what happened.

Most of the bouts were held under the excited cheering of the local public and the participants themselves. The highlight added by Dream Team of Deli Tamas. From Hungary together with the captain arrived the stars of world mas-wrestling: Cintia Csordas, Sandor Daras and giant Alex Vero.

Cintia is more like a fragile princess from classic fairy tales, no one can guess at first glance what physical strength lurks in this thin body. The Hungarian school teacher taught her rivals a great lesson of strong will and excellent physical training. There's a reason the guys from her team carry her literally in their arms. Cintia became a symbol of the desire to win and constantly ripped off a flurry of applause.

Sandor Daras performed in a higher weight category than before. Despite this, he proved to be an excellent fighter.

There are always many participants in the Tamas Deli’s category, this time was no exception. Fights in weight 105 kg passed with division into group A and B. Tamas always comes out focused and aimed at winning. And he did it. As a result, the gold of the Brazilian championship in his strong hands.

Alex Vero needs no comment. When he appears at any tournament, he declares with his huge figure that he has come to win. He just had no equal on the platform in Sao Paulo. Two gold medals and an absolute champion’s belt he takes home.

Absolute champion was a local resident of Eletea Bueno De Oliveira Alves. She already took part in last year’s World Absolute Championship here in Sao Paulo, and became the winner. In a year she clearly gained and achieved such a high title. A strong woman did not withstand the emotional strain and shed tears of joy.

The opening of the championships was the pupil Ricardo Nort, an athlete from Florianópolis Egon Enrique da Silva Correa. He became champion in his 125 kg category and resisted Alex Vero himself, taking one stick from him in the absolute. Now Nort’s team has been reinforced by another shining hero.

It’s already a familiar picture of Evandro Pomina with a gold medal on her chest. Next to him is a friend and associate of Rodrigo Osorio De Lima with a medal of the same dignity. Congratulations and thanks to both of them for their dedication to mas-wrestling and our friendship!

I would like to express my special gratitude to the referees from Mongolia - Telmen Sainbayar and Daariimaa Bumbat. Thanks to their clear and coordinated work both championships held without failures and other negative points. They came to the South American continent by the invitation of the International Mas-wrestling Federation for their excellent work at other international competitions - in Uzbekistan, Slovakia and China. And, of course, it is the encouragement of the growing Mongolian Mas-wrestling Federation. It is no secret that our Mongolian colleagues hold the most massive competitions in mas-wrestling.

Chief referee of the competition Telman Sainbayar: "I thank the Mongolian Mas-Wrestling Federation and the International Mas-Wrestling Federation for their trust and support. As the chief referee and secretary of the competition, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge for future competitions and will carefully cherish in my memory these days spent with my wife, who worked here as an arbotrator on the platform. Looking ahead, I will be glad to come here again with a team of Mongolian mas-wrestlers to the next Arnold Classic South America festival.

«See you next time» was heard from all sides during the breakup. The International Mas-wrestling Federation will do everything possible to ensure that friends in mas-wrestling meet again and again.


April 7, 2024. Expo center "Norte” Sao-Paulo, Brazil.

    Women 55 kg

1. Skalee Marisa Stela Skalee – BRAZIL

2. De Bellis Pamela – BRAZIL

3. Amorim Joyce Luiza BRAZIL 

    Women 65 kg

1. Csordas Cintia – HUNGARY

2. Maraglia Paula Cardoso - BRAZIL

3. Da Silva Jone Brena Santana - BRAZIL

3. Carvalho Ferreira Kamilly Luiza - BRAZIL

    Women 75kg

1. Pereira Dos Santos Tatiane Aparecida  - BRAZIL

2. Dutra Da Silva Suellen - BRAZIL

3. Vilarinho Jurema Girolamo - BRAZIL 

    Women 85 kg

1. De Olievera Alves Eleteia Bueno – BRAZIL

2. Maglio Angelo Cristina - BRAZIL

3. Teixeira De Andrade Natiele - BRAZIL                               

    Men 60 kg

1.Osorio De Lima Rodrigo – BRAZIL

2. Queiros Da Silva Luan Raymond – BRAZIL

3. Guinzel Edson - BRAZIL 

    Men 70 kg

1. De Oliveira Barros Werik Alexandre – BRAZIL

2. De Oliveira Paulo Henrique - BRAZIL

3. Santos Jone Julio - BRAZIL

3. Ozorio De Araujo Eli Cesar - BRAZIL

    Men 75 kg

1. De Araujo Diego Ramos – BRAZIL

2. Koura Sama Malik - BENIN

3. Wellngton Lucas Reis Matos - BRAZIL             

    Men 80 kg

1. Lima De Sa Arlindo Stallone – BRAZIL

2. Dos Santos Cristiano – BRAZIL

3. Karim Ibrahim  - BENIN

3. Ugleiderson Santana Da Cru - BRAZIL

    Men 90 kg

1. Pomina Evandro – BRAZIL

2. Campos Martins Eric  - BRAZIL

3. De Almeida Bento Diego Luis - BRAZIL

3. Dos Santos Goncalves Eliton - BRAZIL

    Men 105 kg

1. Deli Tamas – HUNGARY

2. Rodrigues Everton Diego - BRAZIL

3. Senhorinha Da Silva Gabriel Dagostin – BRAZIL

3. Viana Marcos Antonio - BRAZIL

    Men 125 kg

1. Da Silva Correa Egon Henrique – BRAZIL

2. Darazs Sandor - HUNGARY

3. Lima Da Silva Washington – BRAZIL

3. Alves De Araujo Itamar           BRAZIL

    Men 125+ kg

1. Vero Alex – HUNGARY

2. De Souza Deschamps Thiago - BRAZIL

3. Duarte Pereira Danillo - BRAZIL

3. De Pinho Arantes Jose Lucas - BRAZIL



1. De Olievera Alves Eleteia Bueno - BRAZIL

2. Csordas Cintia - HUNGARY

3. Maglio Angela Cristina - BRAZIL

3. Vilarinho Jurema Girolamo - BRAZIL


1. Vero Alex - HUNGARY

2. Da Silva Correa Egon Henrique - BRAZIL

3. De Almeida Bento Diego Luis - BRAZIL

3. De Souza Deschamps Thiago - BRAZIL

Chief Referee - Sainbayar Telmen (Mongolia), Chief Secretary - Vilmar Silva Oliveira (Brazil).


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 354
Country:  Brazil
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