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Results of the mas-wrestling European championship

The results of two days of competition by weight categories


60 kg

1st place - Udin Evgeny, Russia

2nd place - Shahlar Arif, Azerbaijan

3rd place – Cherkashin Sergei, Russia

3rd place – Adamadze Valery, Georgia

70 kg

1st place – Kovalik Mikhail, Russia

2nd place – Martirosyan Karen, Armenia

3rd place – Orlov Artur, Russia

3rd place - Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Armenia

80 kg

1st place - Gotovtsev Semen, Russia

2nd place - Atakov Semen, Russia

3rd place – Agayev Sultan, Azerbaijan

3rd place - Oniani Bethke, Georgia

90 kg

1st place - Baishev Egor, Russia

2nd place - Pikonin Evgeny, Russia

3rd place – Urushadze Georgy, Georgia

3rd place - Zhamkochian Serop Armenia

105 kg

1st place – Alexeev Vasily, Russia

2nd place – Zakharov Ivan, Russia

3rd place – Krasilinets Mikhailo, Czech Republic

3rd place – Hugoyan Artem - Armenia

125 kg

1st place - Baishev Anatoly, Russia

2nd place – Gogolev Mikhail, Russia

3rd place – Yeghiazaryan David, Armenia

3rd place – Kvikviliani Gennady, Georgia

over 125 kg

1st place – Kazhaya Zviad, Georgia

2nd place – Markin Andrei, Russia

3rd place - Frolkin Sergey, Russian

3rd place - Abrutis Antanas Lithuania


55 kg

1st place - Osipova Sardana, Russia

2nd place - Polchenko Alina, Ukraine

3rd place - Inga Chakvetadze, Georgia

3rd place - Oleksandra Shvets, Ukraine

65 kg

1st place - Sevryuk Irina, Russia

2nd place - Belolyubskaya Ekaterina, Russia

3rd place - Claudia Wieczorek Poland

3rd place - Zakusilova Alla, Ukraine

75 kg

1st place - Sukach Olga, Ukraine

2nd place - Talarchik Magdalene, Poland

3rd place - Yana Zakharova, Russia

3rd place - Kereselidze Tea, Georgia

85 kg

1st place - Kochesokova Christina, Russia

2nd place - Ollesch Martin, Germany

3rd place - Uarova Akulina, Russia

3rd place - Koritskii Agnieszka, Poland

over 85 kg


1st place - Svetlana Tikhonova

Number of shows: 1378
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