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Pairs lineup for the second day of the European Championship 2023
Based on the results of the draw, the pairings of the second day were as follows:
Congratulations to the winners!
The first results of the continental championships in Slovakia.
On the eve of the European mas-wrestling championships in Brezno
The Commission for the admission of participants to the 2023 Mas-Wrestling Championships and European Championships completed its work and announced the results:
Program of the European Mas-Wrestling Championships in Brezno, Slovakia
2023 Open European Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women,

2023 European Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women in the absolute weight category,

2023 Open European Mas-Wrestling Championship among boys and girls (16-17 y.o./2006-2007 y.b.).
Mas-Wrestling tournament at the Bangabandhu' Dhaka Divisional Ethnosport Championship 2023
Organized by: the International Ethnosport Bangladesh Association, On 26th October 2023 at Banani Club, Dhaka-1213.
Dhaka Divisional Mas-Wrestling Championship-2023
Dhaka Divisional Mas-Wrestling Championship-2023 under the title of The 'Bangabandhu' Dhaka Divisional Ethnosport Championship-2023, is to be held on 26th October 2023 at Banani Club, Dhaka-1213.
Chuvashia is at the forefront of World Student Mas-wrestling again
More than a hundred participants gathered at the World Student Mas-Wrestling Games, which became a part of the 1st World Games of National Martial Arts in Cheboksary on October 4-8.
Slovak Mas-Wrestling Association invites friends to Brezno
Today, October 2, a decision was made to hold continental mas-wrestling championships among adults and youth on November 23-27 in Brezno, Slovakia, in an open format.

In the eve of the mas-wrestling "Kolmar Cup" we present participants!
For the fifth time on the pavilion of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) at the exhibition "Far East Street" within the sports program of the Eastern Economic Forum, an international mas-wrestling tournament for the Cup of Coal mining Company Kolmar will be held. Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the partner company!
Mas-wrestling is heading for the Eurasiad
The Eurasian Mas-Wrestling Tournament has ended in the capital of Bashkiria, the beautiful Ufa. Our tournament was held in the hall of the Dynamo stadium in an atmosphere of sports friendship and absolute mutual understanding. That is especially valuable these days...
These days Mongolia is hosting the best Asian mas-wrestlers
Mas-wrestlers from Bangladesh, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan arrived in Mongolia to identify the best among adults and youths in the Asian region.
Fraternal mas-wrestling tournament in Brezno
On June 3, the Slovak city of Brezno hosted the international tournament «Double Red Mas-Wrestling Cup 2023».
It's amazing to see how sports unite people
Mas-wrestling, except of its sporting significance, also serves the mission of uniting people all over the planet. It is based on the principle of ekeicheria
Two hundred mas-wrestlers fought for the titles of the best in Azerbaijan
On May 28-29, 2023, the Mas-Wrestling Championships of Azerbaijan among adults and youth were held at the Absheron Olympic Complex.
Mongolia awaits participants of Asian Mas-wrestling Championships
On June 15-19, Mongolia will host three continental mas-wrestling championships: