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The first festival of national sports and the CIS member states games

From 12 to 15 August 2017 in the Ulyanovsk region on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the support of the Ministry of sport and the Interstate Fund for humanitarian cooperation of States – participants of the CIS will be one of the biggest sporting events – the Festival of national sports and games of the States – participants of CIS.

Ulyanovsk region is preparing for international event. The festival received the Grand Prix of the National Award in the field of event tourism Russian Event Awards in 2016 and recognized as the best tourism event in Russia in the field of sport in 2017. The event will bring together over 1000 athletes and more than 70 000 fans. Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Festival made by the Minister of Sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov. Expected that the producer of the opening ceremony of the Festival will be Ilya Averbukh. By national sports according to the register of Ministry of Sports of Russia include - koros, mas-wrestling, khapsagay, national Yakut jumps, cossack-round, run Russian triples. In 2015, the amount involved in these activities was 120 000 people. The traditional sport, mainly developed in the Russian Federation include: belt wrestling, weight-lifting, gorodki, polyathlon, rounders, martial arts, Sambo, North-around, hockey, archery. In 2015, the number was 1 million 262 thousand people. Festival events will show the first national sports channel - MATCH TV (audience 81 million people) and the international channel "MIR" (audience of 115 million people). In addition, the program of the Festival of national and non-


Olympic sports-Commonwealth countries of CIS include:


-         Ceremonial parade dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the day the All-Russian athlete;

-         Exposition of the State Museum of Sports of the Ministry of Sports of Russia "Sport national traditions of the peoples of the CIS." Ceremonial transfer of the museum's unique exhibits fr om each country participating in the competition;

-         Sport Film Festival of CIS countries;

-         The opening ceremony of the stele of friendship of peoples of the CIS countries, and laying the foundation stone of the future of the park "Friendship of Peoples of the CIS countries;

-         Daily work-out with sport stars and pop;

-         Exhibition of the tourist potential of the Ulyanovsk region and the CIS countries;

-         Ethnocultural International Forum "The peoples of the CIS - the national component in the formation of a common cultural and sporting post-Soviet area;

-         Educational media forum of sports journalists and PR-specialists «Sport Connect 2017»;

-         The festival was supported by KVN League President Alexander Maslyakov;

-         Reached a strategic agreement for the Ulyanovsk, during the festival KVN CIS Cup 2017;

-         At the festival, national and non-Olympic sports of CIS scheduled to play 70 sets of medals.

-         Team standings will be rewarded with a unique "Pen of the Firebird" - a symbol of the festival, made of unique natural material, produced only in the Ulyanovsk region - simbirtsitom inlaid with precious stones;


I.A. Goncharov Museum.

Historical and Memorial Museum opened in Ulyanovsk, Goncharov 18 June 2012 on the day of the 200th anniversary of the writer's birth. Centre-Museum was established in the house wh ere he was born and lived Ivan Goncharov, based on the existing Historical and Literary Museum, I.A. from 1982 Goncharov. A new exhibition has considerably expanded its borders.


State historical-memorial reserve "Homeland of V.I. Lenin."

State historical-memorial reserve "Homeland of V.I. Lenin" - a unique complex of historical  monuments and culture of old Simbirsk. Currently, the reserve activities are focused on the preservation and reconstruction of the old appearance of Simbirsk - provincial city of the second half of the XIX century. Ulyanovsk Regional Local History Museum named after I.A. Goncharov.

Ulyanovsk Regional Local History Museum named after IA Goncharova was founded in 1895 and is located in the house-monument IA Goncharov.

The building was designed by well-known Simbirsk architect AA, Shode in the 1912-1916, specially for the museum. Collection of Ulyanovsk regional museum has about 130 thousand units.


Memorial Museum V.I. Lenin.

Memorial Museum VI Lenin was opened in Ulyanovsk November 2, 1941. Since April 1970 is located in the building of Lenin memorial - a monument of the history, culture and architecture of the XIX century. Exposition of the museum - the only one in the country, revealing the life and work of V.I. Lenin on a background of political history of Russia late XIX - early XX centuries, his contemporaries, allies, opponents.


Ice Palace "Volga-Sport-Arena".

The largest in the Volga region, a multipurpose cultural and sports indoor stadium with artificial ice for year-round use. One of the best in Russia, specialized sports centers for the development of hockey with a ball, is the official training base of the hockey team "Volga", the core team of the Ulyanovsk region in hockey, teams of youth schools and place of the Russian and international tournaments. The building of the Palace of Sports is located in the largest and fastest-growing area of ​​the city - Zasvijazhskij. Building- area 23,000 square meters. m. The area surrounding territory-6 hectares. Area poured ice - 6,500 sq. m. At the same time present in the stadium may 3700 seats and 1300 standing spectators. It is this arena will be the main point of the festival. There will be ice melted and formed all the necessary infrastructure.

«Cardhall» cart-track.

The largest indoor card-track in the country. Daily complex can accept about 400 people. Modern equipment, new generation kart park, competent coaching, cards for young riders equipped with special belts and arcs. The complex includes: professional indoor track unique configuration, open the track length of 1.3 km. Secure card, making it possible to study motorsport, Federal Experimental Center "Children automobile city".         

Aqua Park "fly away."

In December 2015 Ulyanovsk there is another point of interest that is likely to appeal to all lovers of water sports. This long-awaited water park "Ulet", which opened on the territory of the Alexander Garden. One of the largest aqua complexes in the Volga region. And so it is! The two-level indoor water park in Ulyanovsk, which covers about 12 500 square meters. m. there are 10 rides. This 7 water slides and 3 pools. After water activities do not forget to visit the sauna complex, which consists of three baths and saunas. This is a hot Finnish sauna, a relaxing Roman and Turkish bath. Especially since the price of the sauna is included in the price of the ticket to the water park "Ulet".

Accommodation Facilities: Hilton, 5 *; Hotel "October"; Hotel "Crown"; "Barcelona" Hotel; «Imperial Club Deluxe» Hotel.


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