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Thriller in Kharkov. Photo and video

On December 18 II Mas-Wrestling Absolute Championship of Ukraine was held in Kharkiv. One of the fights the mas-wrestling fans were waiting for two years. The battle between Jacob Burkovnikov and Dmitry Besedin became the most vivid, emotional and hard at these competitions. It added a special piquancy to the fact that both athletes appeared in the same weight category. Press of the Mas-wrestling Federation  of Ukraine decided to write about this truly historic event a separately.

History absentee confrontation Dmitry and Jacob goes back almost 2 years. In 2015, when FMRU start to hold regular competitions, Dmitry Besedin has already begun preparations for the performance at the World Cup in 2015 and the leadership of the federation has been released from the performances in domestic competitions in order to avoid injuries. At that time, while Dmitry preparing for international competitions, James confidently become the leader in the category up to 90 kg. In 2016 Dmitry also did not compete due to injury. Even then, many experts on mas-wrestling began to speculate about hypothetical fight and tried to understand who could be the winner. Time passed, but for various reasons, the meeting between the two strongest athletes of all could not be held. There was a chance that the battle between legendary athletes will happen on the first open championship of the Dnepropetrovsk region, in which Dmitry Besedin participated as an athlete, but Jacob Burkovnikov decided to compete in the category up to 105 kg. and a meeting on the platform once again not take place. Fight between Jacob and Dmitry became one of the most anticipated and intriguing events not only in our country but also far beyond its borders. Ironically, the question who is the strongest of all in the category up to 90 kg, will be decided on an II absolute championship of Ukraine.

In the first fight, Dmitry showed what it means to be a genius of techniques. According to Jacob, he absolutely did not expect that his opponent right from the start will go away, and then immediately change the angle of attack and go to another. Fans of mass-wrestling knows that Jacob always starts a fight in an expectant manner, exhausting opponents passive defense, and then later transferred to the action. He knew about the tactics and Dmitry, so immediately swung the opponent and does not get involved in long violent confrontation, which has no equal Jacob. The first round was for the head coach of the Ukrainian national team.

The second round was the culmination not only of the match, but the whole of the absolute championship. Dmitry again actively put pressure and powerful thrust literally put his opponent on the twine. But Jacob is not in vain is considered the most endurance athletes. Virtually hopeless situation, when Dmitry seemingly separated from winning a matter of moments, Jacob showed his character. And here no longer had the strength to Dmitry Besedin. Perfect technique and tactics blocked the road to the victory of the indomitable strength and power. The second round was for Jacob.

By the third round, the athletes finally arrived already exhausted. Dmitry is a step away from winning spent all his strength, and Jacob in the second round felt a click in his left ankle, and even the first thought that he had a fracture. But fortunately, nothing happened. In the final round, Jacob decided not to risk it and took the first seconds of the lead. Exhausted Dmitry nothing to oppose powerful rival attack. Jacob dot the i in question, who is the strongest in the category up to 90 kg. and he became SILVER medalist, second only to the absolute champion Sergei Sokolovsky.

But too early to relax. Already on December 25 athletes can meet again in the framework of the Ukrainian Cup team. In addition to their opposition can interpose a silver medalist in Ukraine in 2015 and the Cup of Ukraine 2016 Sergey Patrushev, as well as young and hungry for victories Alexander Skripchenko (Ukrainian champion among juniors in 2016), Alexander Krivushin - bronze medalist in Ukraine in 2016, 5th place in the championship Europe and the World in 2016, and Dmitry Grunsky - Vice-champion of Ukraine 2016 Weight category up to 90 kg, the most interesting and vibrant in our country, and the leader can change at any time. Let's wait for the new epic fights and confrontations.

Translation by Milan Andreev.

Author: Alexander Proskurin
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
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Country:  Федерация мас-рестлинга Украины
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