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Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine has expanded their range. Photo

On Sunday, December 18 one of the largest cities of our country took II Mas-Wrestling Absolute Championship of Ukraine. Kharkov has been famous for its industrial strength, culture, as well as great sports potential. And the appearance of friends and mas-wrestling fans  in this city - one more step in the development of this sport in Ukraine.

At once, two of the biggest sports club in Kharkov supported in the competitions. Sports club «Adrenalin» made by the main organizer of the competition, and sport club «YOD» has provided a platform for the country's absolute superiority. According to the vice-president of sports club «Adrenalin» Anton Chueva, the club is constantly a variety of competitions in various sports, strongly promotes a healthy lifestyle and physical culture. Help in the organization of the championship has become one of many steps taken in the direction of the club to promote the sport in our country and in Kharkov.

For a place on the podium fighting 12 strongest athletes of Ukraine Sergey Sokolovsky (Kharkiv, 170 kg.), Dmitry Bychkov (Melitopol, 82 kg.), Vladlen Antonenko (Rubizhne, 122 kg.), Vladimir Savostianov (Severodonetsk, 110 kg.), Vadim Naryzhny (Kiev, 79 kg.), Igor Tkachenko (Kiev, 78 kg.), Vyacheslav Teslyuk (Kiev, 100 kg.), Nicholas Savostyanenko (Dnipro, 105 kg.), Jacob Burkovnikov (Melitopol, 92 kg.), Alexander Skripchenko (Melitopol, 90 kg.), Dmitry Besedin (Melitopol, 90 kg.), Sergei Sour (Melitopol, 71 kg.). The heaviest competitor by almost a hundred kilos heavier was the lightest athlete. However, much of the weight of athletes in the group was from 90 to 110 kg. And it had a much better chance of success.

Like in the last year, the absolute dominance made a multiple European champion in sumo Sergei Sokolovsky, against the weight and strength did not work either technique or trick, or even prayers and spells. However, the struggle of other athletes presented a few surprises, which will impress fans of mas-wrestling.

One of those surprises was the victory of the representative team's 101st separate brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vyacheslav Teslyuk over Nikolay Savostyanenko. We remind our readers that Nicholas - a silver medalist of the 2016 World Cup, and the victory over such Vyacheslav titled athlete was a complete surprise for fans of mass-wrestling in our country. In fairness it should be noted that Nicholas had only recently recovered from the disease, and is beginning to recover after a long break in training, therefore, is not in his best form. And the army discipline, a clear daily food and exercise apparently seriously strengthened Vyacheslav force.

Another surprise was the confrontation of head coach of Ukraine on mas-wrestling Dmitry Besedin and titled Ukrainian-weight wrestler Jacob Burkovnikov. Passions and the overall importance of the match is such that we have learned it in a separate note.

A few words I would like to say about the team of the armed forces of Ukraine. This is not the first time the military take part in the most important competitions in weight-wrestling. In addition, mass-wrestling included in a variety of sports activities of the armed forces. Competitions between different parts. And this time, CSKA have shown an interesting fight and an incredible will to win, that is worthy of respect.

At the end of the competition the first place took quite expectedly, Sergei Sokolovsky. The hardest fight, win in three matches and losing only to the absolute champion, won silver Burkovnikov Jacob. Third place is left for the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Besedin and another athlete from Melitopol Alexander Skripchenko.

Very soon, on December 25 will be helded in Melitopol Ist command cup of Ukraine on mas-wrestling, which will complete the 2016 season.

Translation by Milan Andreev.


Author: Alexander Proskurin
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
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Country:  Федерация мас-рестлинга Украины
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