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Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine on the development dynamics is among the three best in the world

On Thursday, December 29, at the Information center "Rozvitok" held a press conference on the theme: «2016-й — рік прориву мас-рестлерів України на світовій спортивній арені». With reporters talked Valery Gasaev, President of the Federation mas-wrestling in Ukraine, Olga Sukachev, bronze medalist of the 2015 World Cup, the bronze medalist of the World Championship 2016, European champion in 2016 and Alex Kushnir - the two-time champion of Ukraine, the bronze medalist of the 2016 World Cup.

The 2016 year was a time of recognition of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine in the international arena, which has, one might say, Zaporozhye roots. The third place in the overall standings at the European Mas-Wrestling Championship and the triumphal performance of the Ukrainian team at the Mas-Wrestling World Cup-2016 made a deep impression on the international sporting community. In less than two years, Ukrainian athletes, a significant portion of them live in the Zaporozhye region, able to go fr om amateurs to professionals, which are considered to be in Europe and the United States. Against the background is not the best results of the Olympic team of our country, which is largely dependent on public funding, non-Olympic sports continue to evolve rapidly, even in the absence of state support. The successes of Ukrainian athletes at the European and the World Championships have a positive impact on the image of Ukraine as a strong sports nation.

Valeriy Gazaev among the strengths of the  Mas-Wrestling Federation allocated very successful performances of his athletes, to create a competition the strongest athletes of the world, a strong cadre of sports organizations, including the press-service. Good momentum demonstrates the growing number of domestic competitions. "This year, we conducted eleven general Ukrainian tournaments - says Valeriy. - Besides the fact that it was held on five tournaments on a national scale, regional competitions were held in the regions. For the second consecutive year, we are holding a Сup among the soldiers on the basis of a separate 101 Brigade under the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine. " Another first was the cooperation with the Сhurch. The outcome of this cooperation was the participation of federation athletes in Orthodox games, which may be conventional. Another major success was the acquisition of the Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine All-Ukrainian status. This will significantly simplify the recognition of a sports organization in the Ministry of Sports. The problem remains the funding of sport organizations. Despite the presence of a number of sponsors that help the federation, the budget leaves much to be desired. And yet, thanks to the incredible enthusiasm of the athletes and staff sports organization confidently develops.

According to the estimates of experts of Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine ranks second or third in the world by the dynamics of its development: a par with the US Mas-Wrestling Federation and after leading the Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, which is the country of the founder of the sport.

Olga Sukach talked about how she came into the mas-wrestling movement. It is interesting the following fact. In Melitopol, wh ere she lives and trains, she has no competitors for sparring. Therefore, almost always a girl is fighting with the guys, and the winner of equal weight male opponents without difficulty, if they do not own the technology to combat sufficiently. For two years, Olga is unbeatable in its category in the territory of Ukraine and is one of the strongest athletes of the World. " I came to mas-wrestling from wrestling. And it gives me a great base - she shares. - Besides mas-wrestling I train in armifting. "By the way, Olga is a five-time winner of the World Armlifting Championship .

Alex Kushnir said that an important component of success in mas-wrestling is a mental attitude. Three times the athlete involved with international competitions, and only the third time was able to win the bronze medal of the World Championship. "From a moral point of view, we must be strong. When you lose - very hard to gather and train more - says the athlete. - Nevertheless, it should be done. It's hard to pull myself together after the defeat. I motivated myself by the fact that one can not always be the winner. You just have to strives for the best. When I was at the World Cup took third place - for me it is a serious outcome and achievement. "In addition to their own success, Alexey also trained and prepared student, Vadim Naryzhny - very strong and technical mastery-weight wrestler.

The main task for the next year the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine sees in receive official status and registration in the Ministry of Sports of Ukraine. Another challenge is to consolidate and improve the position in the international arena. An important task is the participation of Ukrainian team in all three stages of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup-2017 and the participation of a powerful structure at the European Championships. Some of the gaps is the lack of athletes in the heavyweight category, which could compete in the international arena. The problem of finding an athlete is also relevant.

Translation by Milan Andreev

Author: Alexander Proskurin
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
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Country:  Федерация мас-рестлинга Украины / Ukraine
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