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2017 started by the Open championship in Dnipropetrovsk region

On Saturday, 28 January, the Open mas-wrestling championship of Dnipropetrovsk region has passed in one of the largest cities in the south-east of Ukraine. For the first time the sport was introduced in Krivoy Rog - a large industrial center of our country.

Competitions in the largest cities of Ukraine is gradually becoming a focused policy of Ukraine Mas-Wrestling Federation. By the way, the vice-president of federation Valentin Burmistrov plans to hold the championship of Ukraine in Zaporozhiye - the regional center, where a strong sport infrastructure is and has all the conditions for the development of a new kind of sport.

Not in the least, interest to the new sport is manifested by high results of the national team of Ukraine in the international arena, and incredibly high dynamics of development of mas-wrestling in our country. Recently, summing up 2016 in the data center of "Rozvitok", president of the Federation Valery Gazaev reported that Ukraine is among the top three in development dynamics among the national federations.

But let’s back to the past competitions. Truly titanic job conducted by the Federation President of Dnipropetrovsk region Victor Kruglik. A talented coach and organizer Victor A. mobilized to carry out the Open Championship of significant resources and most importantly, people who are not indifferent to the sport.

This director of municipal school sports center for children, young people "Olympus" Neonila V. Selyuta, member of the Kryvoy Rog City Council Alexander B. Smaliy and chairman of the Committee on Sport and Physical Education of the executive committee of Kryvoy Rog Alexander Stupak City Council, who were very helpful in organizing in the competitions.   

Serious work has been done also among sportsmen. In total, in competitions fought about sixty athletes from Kiev, Sofiyevka, Kryvoy Rog, Novyy Buh, Dnepr, Nikopol and Melitopol. President of Ukraine Mas-Wrestling Federation noted a very high level of organization and competition. "I think, absolutely no exaggeration to say that the Dnipropetrovsk Federation shows the best dynamics of development in our country – shares with his impressions Valery Gazaev.  Another important aspect is participation in such tournaments experienced mas-wrestlers of Ukraine, winner of the championship of Europe and the World Cup. There is a kind of experience exchange, and we believe this process is very important for the promotion and development of this sport in our country."

Championship spectators became witnesses of a large number of incredibly brilliant, saturated and emotional bouts. One article is absolutely impossible to describe all the interesting moments of the championship, so we have identified a few of the highlights. One of the discoveries of the tournament was the athlete from Nikopol Tevs Edgar, who became the undisputed champion. According to the president of UMRF Valery Gazaev, it is possible, that man who do not have enough in our team in the category up to 125 kg. What about Nikopol people, the leader of the team, Vladimir Kravets, was first introduced to the mas-wrestling in November last year, in this championship he has brought a full team of 5 people, which certainly deserves deep respect. Another surprise of the championship was the athlete from Krivyi Rih Natalia Kravchenko, which was in the category up to 65 kg. she was able to win even more easy, but experienced Alina Polchenko.

Valery Gazaev said that Natalia can claim for the prize of World Cup not only among the veterans, but also in the open age category. Some words about the Melitopol athlete Vladislav Shovgune, who had victory in the category up to 60 kg. This young man, a guy only 15 years, in an open age category have won 9 wins and only once lost to his opponent. Head coach of Ukraine on mas-wrestling Dmitry Besedin believes that an athlete has great potential, especially in the national team category up to 60 kg. among in men so far remained open.

Already on February 25 in Melitopol will be held one of the main competition at the national level this year’s - the Cup of Ukraine in 2017, which also athletes from Georgia will take part in addition to Ukrainian athletes.


In the team competition with the big separation, the first place took the Dnipropetrovsk region. Second place went to the most powerful team of Melitopol, none of which athlete was not left without a medal. Third in the overall standings went to Kiev athletes representing AFU.

Girls up to 45 kg:

1. Anastasia Kruglik, Sofiyivka

2. Oberemok Julia, Sofiyivka

3. Martynenko Cyrus Sophievka

Girls up to 50 kg:

1. Pooh Darin, Melitopol

2. Ovsiyenko Karina, Sofiyivka

3. LOA Zlata, Melitopol

3. Kobyakov Love Sophievka

Women to 55 kg:

1. Silická Olga, Melitopol

2. Sharkova Tatiana, Krivoy Rog

3. spree Victoria, Sofiyivka

3. Cholesky Alina, Krivoy Rog

Women up to 65 kg:

1. Natalia Kravchenko, Krivoy Rog

2. Polchenko Alina, Melitopol

3. Anastasia Kuznetsova, Sofiyivka

Women up to 75 kg:

1. Anastasia Ivchenko, Dnipro

2. Mikhailyuk Ivanna, Sofiyivka

Boys up to 50 kg:

1. Nadtochy Vladimir, Sofiyivka

2. Andrew Nestor, Krivoy Rog

3. Ponamarenko Alexander, Sofiyivka

Boys up to 80 kg:

1. Kachanenko Eugene, Krivoy Rog

2. Olexeenko Michael, Krivoy Rog

3. Denis Zinchenko, Krivoy Rog

Men to 60 kg:

1. Vladislav Shovgun, Melitopol

2. Klimashenko Ilya, Sofiyivka

3. Shikhantsov Andrew Sophievka

3. Shukov Yang, Dnipro

Men up to 70 kg:

1. Alex Kushnir, Melitopol

2. Tabatsky Roman, Sofiyivka

3. Pustoshilo Maxim, Krivoy Rog

3. Shkolyar Vitali, Sofiyivka

Men to 80 kg:

1. Naryzhny Vadim, Kiev

2. Sour Sergey, Melitopol

3. Igor Tkachenko, Kiev

3. Gumanenko Dmitry, Melitopol

Men to 90 kg:

1. Alexander Skripchenko, Melitopol

2. Teslyuk Vyacheslav, Kiev

3. Alexander Schemel, Krivoy Rog

3. Grunskii Dmitry, Dnipro

Men up to 105 kg:

1. Dmitry Besedin, Melitopol

2. Lukomsky Vladimir, Nikopol

3. Tynkovan Vladislav, Melitopol,

3. Savostyanenko Vladimir, Dnipro

Men up to 125 kg:

1. Edgar Thews, Nikopol

2. Yukhno Paul, Nikopol

3. Vladimir Kravets, Nikopol

3. Vladimir Timchenko, Krivoy Rog

Absolute championship:

1. Edgar Thews, Nikopol

2. Dmitry Besedin, Melitopol

3. Alexander Skripchenko, Melitopol

3. Naryzhny Vadim, Kiev

Author: Alexander Proskurin
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
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Country:  Ukraine
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