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Yakutsk sees presentation of World Mas-Wrestling Championship medals

The medals were shown to the sport fans a week before the start of the World Mas-Wrestling Championship. These 36 medals of various types made by Yakut craftsmen will be awarded to athletes from different countries very soon.

The presentation took place in the conference hall of the KIERGE jewelry company. For the reference, this company made the awards for the I World Championship in 2014, also held in Yakutsk.

Mr. Alexander Pavlov, the Director General of Kierge, noted that the medals for champions and prize-winners of the world forum weigh 95 grams each. They differ in the color of enamel: red - for the first place, blue - for the second, green - for the third. Coaches of champions will be awarded with similar awards, slightly bigger in size.

“The medals are framed with images of snowflakes, Dygyn towers, a mammoth and a diamond. The moving oval features figures of athletes pulling the stick to their side,” said Diana Baisheva, the designer of the medals.

The captain of the Russian national team Pavel Chernogradsky has twice “tried on the gold medal” at the world championships of 2014 and 2016. Looking closely at the award of 2018, the eminent athlete noted: “The medal is beautiful, I would say spectacular. It is a thing to fight for.”

The Kierge craftsmen produced the World Championship jewelry like four years ago. At the presentation, girls from Taya Models Agency demonstrated earrings and pendants, which are likely to be in demand among the fans and athletes.

Author: YSIA
Source:  Якутское-Саха информационное агентство
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Country:  Russia
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