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"Finally I became a world champion!" Saina Sedalischeva from the third attempt takes world gold.

The world champion in weight category of up to 75 kg after the final bout gave a short interview:

“I went to this victory for a very, very long time. - reminded Saina Sedalishcheva to the Sport Yakutiya correspondent. - As you know, I participated in all three world championships. In 2014, I became the third, in 2016 I was the second, and this year the world gold is finally in my hands. But I note that in the two previous world championships I competed in weight category of up to 85 kg. The year before last, with the coach, they decided to change the category, and I managed to win the republic championship, and then the Russian championship, at which the voucher was played. So the tactic worked. My main rival here in the championship was Irina Zaslavska from Ukraine, whom I met in the preliminary stage. Our fight was very hard, but I won with the score 2:1. In the final, she was sure of her victory. I can say that I am happy! I am a world champion, all of my family and friends saw my victory, and the anthem of the Russian Federation sounded today in my honor. It was very exciting and pleasant,” the athlete admitted.

Source:  Газета "Спорт Якутии"
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Country:  Russia
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