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Medet Esbulaev: The loss to the Yakut man taught me a lot

Mas-wrestling team of Kazakhstan was the first foreign country to come to Yakutsk. Athletes of this country, before other foreigners, got acquainted with the training hall in “Modun” sports complex and the arena at the Triumph Sports Training Center.

Today, Medet Esbulaev (60 kg), together with his teammates, trained at Modun. After training session, he shared his first impressions. - The conditions for training are very good. We saw what kind of sports equipment needed for mas-wrestling. We have no such in Kazakhstan yet, but we will try to purchase the necessary simulators.

- Have you seen future rivals?

- We know that the teams of other countries arrived today, but have not seen any of these teams.

- How is your accommodation?

- Our team was accommodated in the hotel of the Triumph sports complex. It is convenient, when the hotel, dining room and gym are located in one place. We looked at the hall where the competitions will take place, we liked it. It would be great if a lot of spectators come there.

- In Yakutsk there is a Kazakh diaspora. Do you count on their support?

- Of course, we often communicate on the Internet. Several of our fellow judo wrestlers live in your republic, when they come to their historic homeland, we always meet and see them off.

- How many years have you been in mas-wrestling? Have you participated in international tournaments?

- I practiced mas-wrestling two years ago. In 2016 I competed at the second world championship in Kyrgyzstan. Last year I took the third place at the World Cup stage in Almaty, and then I became the bronze medalist of the Nomad Games in the same Kyrgyzstan.

- Is mas-wrestling your main sport now?

- I have been doing judo for fifteen years, I am a master of sports.

- If you are faced with a choice: judo or mas-wrestling? What will you choose?

- Now I am treating a neck injury, because of which I cannot fight on the tatami yet. But if mas-wrestling is included in the program of the Olympic Games, I will probably switch to the Yakut sport.

Let us remind that Mas-Wrestling World Championship, which will be attended by the strongest athletes from 40 countries of the world, will be held in Yakutsk at the Triumph sports complex November 24 - 25.

Author: Georgii Tatarinov
Source:  Якутское-Саха информационное агентство
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Country:  Kyrgyzstan
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