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Strong and beautiful. The most attractive participants of Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Yakutsk

Among participants of mas-wrestling championship there are not only strong but also beautiful women, whom Sakhaday decided to allocate to our separate top list. Let's start with the Russian national team.

Irina Sevryuk, multiple champion of the republic and Russia, the absolute winner of the World Cup in mas-wrestling. It is impossible not to notice her shape and charming smile!

Hungary team is one of many. In its composition, its beauty attracts Varga Fanni Rebeka, who competes in the category up to 65 kg. This athlete has a passion not only for mas-wrestling, but also for equestrian sports and horses in general.

Daria Nesterova, representative of Kazakhstan , who performs at up to 75 kg, is the title holder: World champion in powerlifting, champion of Asia in lying bench WRPF, champion of Kazakhstan in powerlifting IPF.

In the Slovak national team, our eyes fell on Jana Vaskova, who competes in the weight category up to 85 kg. She is the second strongest woman in Slovakia, winner of the world championship in powerlifting.

Regina Mulyasheva will come as part of the national team of Uzbekistan, who will compete in the category up to 55 kg. According to the head coach of the Russian national team Nikolai Konstantinov, this weight category is the most "cunning" division. So seemingly this fragile girl can offer serious resistance. Slender, with expressive features Irina Zaslavskaya from Ukraine immediately attracts attention. She will compete in the category up to 75 kg. Estonia is represented in the championship by two charming participants - Maria Mekk and Marianna Bogdanova. 

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