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The first participants of Mas-Wrestling World Championship arrived in Yakutsk

Today on November 20 the national team of Kazakhstan arrived in Yakutsk. National team of Kazakhstan will be represented by three women and three men in this championship.  

Pavel Fitisov, a representative of the national team of Kazakhstan, briefly introduced the team and told what he expects from the competition which will be held in Yakutsk.

“Of course, we didn’t come to take the last places. We have experienced athletes who have competed in mas-wrestling many times. Moreover, in their homeland, they were seriously preparing. Much will depend on the draw. I hope that two Kazakhstanis will reach the final, what dignity they will win, we will find out later, ” - he commented to YSIA.

Pavel Fitisov also mentioned that the national team of Kazakhstan was formed according to the results of the championship of the republic and "Games of nomads" international tournament. Team Kazakhstan consisted of the strongest athletes of the republic: Akbota Kashshgan (55 kg), Altyn Akylbek (65 kg), Daria Nesterova (85 kg) will perform in the women's tournament, Medet Esbulayev (60 kg), Temerlan Shamet (70 kg) and Alexander Krasnov ( 125 kg) - in the men's.

Let us remind that Mas-Wrestling World Championship will be held in Yakutsk in the Triumph Sports Arena on November 24-25 and attended by the strongest athletes from 40 countries of the world.

Author: Georgii Tatarinov
Source:  Якутское-Саха информационное агентство
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