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The Association of Lawyers of Russia is ready to promote mas-wrestling to the Olympic level

Mas-wrestling has every chance of getting into the Olympic family, said Sergei Alekseev, chairman of the sports law committee of the Russian Lawyers Association.

“An ambitious task has been set to include mas-wrestling in the Olympic program. We are preparing a full-scale agreement on the legal support of the development of this sport and the main top task is bringing to the Olympic family,” - said a legal expert at the final press-conference of the 3rd Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Yakutsk. 

Sergey Alekseev stressed that today the development of mas-wrestling is unthinkable without the fundamental role of law. However, noticed that this sport already meets a number of criteria in order to be nominated for the Olympic sport. 

According to him, mas-wrestling is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. Due to its accessibility and simple, understandable rules, it is developing dynamically and is already distributed on five continents.

Today, mas-wrestling is practiced in more than 40 countries and their number is growing. “This sport is exclusive, absolutely new, interesting for young people, TV viewers, exciting emotional sport and meets the criteria for the speed of spread in the world,” concluded Alekseev.

Country:  Russia
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