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Head coach of the Russian national mas-wrestling team: Competition on the platform is growing every year

The final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup will start in a month - Finland will host it on December 16-20.  The composition of the national team was determined by the coaching staff, and these days the Russian national team is going through the final stage of preparation for a responsible start at the Republican Center of National Sports named after  V. Manchaary.  The head coach of the Russian national team Nikolai Konstantinov told about how the preparations are going.

- Nikolai Ellyaevich, the final stage of the World Cup is very soon, how was the composition of the Russian national team determined?

- At the World Cup Russia will be represented by two squads. The Coaching Council of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation held a meeting on this issue and made a decision to include in the national team those athletes who participated in the first two stages of the World Cup based on the results. Also, instead of the retiring athletes, they additionally took 5 athletes following the results of the Russian Championship-2021, which was held in Kaluga.

- To what extent are the yakuts athletes who are in the national team of the country ready for the Cup? And how is the preparation going?

- The members of the national team are currently working with personal trainers on an individual schedule. From next week we will start training camp at the Triumph Center. So there are no special problems in the preparation of athletes. I believe that everything is going well so far, everyone is close to optimal shape. Nevertheless, as practice shows, it is almost never possible to be completely ready, I think this will be confirmed by the athletes themselves. We do not work with robots, but with real people. My task is to bring the athlete to the desired level. At the training camp, we will just see what condition the athletes will be in, and if necessary, we will correct the training program.

- In addition to the yakut people, the national team also includes athletes from other regions, how do you work with them?

- In addition to the yakutians, the Russian national team includes athletes from other regions. Some of them are already titled Magyns, so I am sure of them. I think mas-wrestling fans know the names of Viktor Kolibabchuk, Ivan Galkin, Roman Kalinin, and among women - Mokhinur Abduzoirova. Basically, work with them is carried out, of course, remotely. Fortunately, via messengers, for example, WhatsApp. I give them tasks, and also control the current state. We are constantly in touch, they call, write and tell us what they worked on in training, consult on what else can be done.

- Who is the most titled in the current team?

- Today, the most titled athlete in the national team is Pavel Chernogradsky, a three-time world champion.

- In your opinion, which teams will be able to withstand our athletes?

“Athletes from Kyrgyzstan, Hungary and the United States of America can resist us. Among women, there are strong athletes from Poland. It should be noted that mas-wrestling does not stand still. Athletes from other countries are developing, their technique is improving. Now those who participate in international competitions are professional maswrestlers. So the competition on the platform is growing every year.

- At the second stage of the World Cup in Turkey, our athletes won a total of 25 medals, of which 10 were gold. What are your goals this time?

- I do not like to make predictions in advance, but I will say that the whole team has one task in the medal standings - no lower than in the second stage of the World Cup. I think that every athlete of our team strives for victory, each of them also sets personal goals. So I believe in the team!

Author: Modun Press
Source:  Sport of Yakutia Newspaper
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