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Kolibabchuk - Frolkin. The duel of the two giants could be repeated

The duel of two mas-wrestling giants Viktor Kolibabchuk from the Smolensk region and Sergei Frolkin from Yakutia may be repeated in the fight for the title of absolute world champion in Finland, which is scheduled for December 18-20, reports YASIA.

Ten athletes among men fr om seven countries have announced for the absolute world championship today - Hungary, Russia, USA, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Georgia -.

But the favorites here are the absolute world champions of different years, Viktor Kolibabchuk from the Smolensk region and Sergey Frolkin from Yakutia. The competition is personal, so the two giants can meet again on the platform. The last meeting between them ended in favor of the yakut. Whether Frolkin will be able to continue the victorious gait is the main question of the upcoming tournament.

“Kolibabchuk and Frolkin may meet again at the absolute world championship, at what stage it will happen depends on the results of the draw,” said to YASIA, Nikolai Konstantinov, head coach of the national team,.

In addition, there will be competitions in the absolute weight category for women, wh ere eight athletes from six countries are currently announced. The Russian national team will include Kristina Kochesokova from Kabardino-Balkaria and Svetlana Tikhonova from the Smolensk region.

Author: Dulustan Sergeev
Source:  Yakutsk-Sakha news agency
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