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The composition of the national team of Yakutia for the Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship has been determined

The competition will be a qualifying round for the World Championship, which will be hosted by Yakutsk in the summer.

The national team of Yakutia goes to the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship in Kazan. Its composition has already been determined based on the results of the championship of the republic and the Far East. The competition becomes a qualifying round for the World Championship, which will take place in Yakutsk in the summer, YSIA reports.

The Russian Mas-Wrestling Championship is scheduled for April 22-24 in Kazan at the AK Bars Martial Arts Palace and timed to coincide with the Centenary of the YASSR. Each region is allowed to participate up to two athletes in each weight category. The winners will have the right to represent the Russian team at the World Mas-Wrestling Championship, which will be held in Yakutsk on June 23-27.

The composition of the national team of Yakutia YASIA was announced by the head coach of the team Alexei Agapov. So, the first team included Natalia Chernogradskaya (55 kg), Norayaana Trofimova (65 kg), Irina Sevryuk (75 kg), Saina Sivtseva (85 kg), Tatyana Baisheva (+85 kg), Artur Zhirkov (60 kg), Dmitry Savvin (65 kg), Nyurgun Antonov (70 kg), Semyon Anufriev (75 kg), Dulustan Nogovitsyn (80 kg), Pavel Chernogradsky (90 kg), Dmitry Popov (105 kg), Erchim Bappagai (125 kg), Evgeny Popov (+125 kg). All of them are current champions of Yakutia.

The second team was selected based on the results of the Far East Mas-Wrestling Championship. In the national team Tatyana Dyachkovskaya (55 kg), Marina Fedorenko (65 kg), Liya Plotnikova (75 kg), Tatyana Popova (85 kg), Natalia Starkova (+85 kg), Vasily Muksunov (60 kg), Konstantin Zhirkov (65 kg) ), Alexander Pshennikov (70 kg), Ivan Gulyaev (75 kg), Semyon Atakov (80 kg), Vladimir Nikitin (90 kg), Vasily Sivtsev (105 kg), Mikhail Gogolev (125 kg), Vasily Danilov (+125 kg ).

Author: Dulustaan ​​Sergeev
Source:  Якутское-Саха информационное агентство
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