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I Mas-Wrestling World Masters Championship

1. Date and Venue:
The World Championship is held as part of the First International Ethnosport Festival, from September 6th to 10th, 2023, at the «Ichan-Kala» Complex in Khiva, Uzbekistan.
Arrival day: September 6-7, 2023; Departure day: September 10-11, 2023.

2. Competition Conditions and Participants:
The World Championship is held in
Veterans. Men and women aged 40 and older (born in 1983 or earlier).
Participants' age in points 2 and 3 is determined by their year of birth.

Athletes who have undergone a medical examination and have no contraindications for engaging in strength sports, based on applications from national federations or authorized bodies, are eligible to participate in the competition.
The competitions are of individual and team nature and are held according to the current rules of the International Federation of Mas-Wrestling.

3. Requirements for Equipment and Inventory:
The participants' equipment for the championship must comply with the requirements of Article No. 5 of the current International Mas-Wrestling rules.
For boys and men, red or blue Mas-Wrestling shorts with the inscription «Mas-Wrestling» are required. Other sport-related inscriptions are not allowed.
For girls and women, red or blue Mas-Wrestling shorts and a sports tank top (t-shirt or crop top) with the inscription «Mas-Wrestling» are required. Other sport-related inscriptions are not allowed. Mixing colors, such as red top and blue shorts or vice versa, is prohibited.
Only inscriptions according to Appendices No. 9, 10, 11, and 12 of the current International Mas-Wrestling rules are allowed on the sports equipment.
Coaches and seconds who accompany athletes to the platform must be dressed in sports uniforms featuring the symbolism of the country represented by the athlete.
At the discretion of the Chief Referee of the championship and upon the recommendation of the competition doctor, if a competitor sustains a hand injury with bleeding, the use of handguards not exceeding the width and height of the competitor's hand is allowed. The use of any foreign liquid substances for treating handguards is prohibited; they must have a dry surface.

4. Special Conditions:
1. The championship is held outdoors under a canopy.
2. Competitions for boys and girls take place on a support board with a height of 24 cm.

5. Weight Categories:
Veterans - Men: 65 kg, 75 kg, 85 kg, and 85+ kg;
Veterans - Women: 65 kg and +65 kg.

Determination of Winners in the Team Standings
The team results are determined using a point system based on the medals won in each of the three categories:
1. Men and women: 18 years and older.
2. Boys and girls aged 16-17.
3. Veterans: Men and women aged 40 and older.

Points are awarded as follows: 1st place - 12 points, 2nd place - 8 points, 3rd place - 5 points. In case of a tie in points for two or more teams, the advantage goes to the team that has won the highest number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and subsequent places.
The final results (protocols) in both paper and electronic formats must be submitted within two weeks from the end of the sporting event.

Contact Information for Organizers: Russia, Yakutsk, Kirov Street, building 20/1, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, e-mail:, tel. +7 4112 508-572; WhatsApp +79644261900
Russia, Moscow, Myasnitskiy proezd, building 3, off. 611, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, E-mail:, WhatsApp +79263192088;
Uzbekistan, Olmaliq, President Asian Mas-Wrestling Federation Kadyrov I.M., tel.+998931827111, E-mail:

Spatayev Beregen
up to 65 kg.
Spataev Timur
Spataev Timur
up to 90 kg.
Israelova Karlygash
up to 65 kg.
Berezkin Dmitry
up to 65 kg.
Dmitriev Alexander
up to 65 kg.
Maslyakov Sergey
up to 65 kg.
Avinnikov Roman
up to 75 kg.
Botuev Gavril
up to 75 kg.
Gladkov Anatoliy
Gladkov Anatoliy
up to 75 kg.
Fedorenko Marina
Fedorenko Marina
up to 65 kg.
Okhlopkova Anna
up to 65 kg.
Orlova Tuyaara
Orlova Tuyaara
over 65 kg.
Permyakova Inna
over 65 kg.
I Mas-Wrestling World Masters Championship
Khiva, Uzbekistan

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