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Open All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Tournament as a part of the III Russian Beach Games

Open All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Tournament as a part of the III Russian Beach Games REGULATIONS

1. Date and place
The Tournament to be held on July 14-16, 2017 in Kazan, embankment of Kazanka river, Central stage.

2. Aims and objectives
The Tournament is held with the aim to popularize and develop Mas-Wrestling in the Russian Federation and have the following objectives:
- strengthening friendly sports relations among the Russian Federation regions;
- determination of the strongest athletes and improvement of sports skills.

3. Program.

July 14    Arrival and accommodation
    15.00-18:00    Admission Commission
    18:00-19:00    Weigh-in.
                                Meeting of referees and representatives, seminar for referees
July 15    
        10:00-13:00    Preliminaries
    14:00-17:00    Semi-finals and finals
July 16    Departure

4. Management.
General management of preparation and organization of the Tournament is carried by the Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, Russian Beach Sports Association, Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and State Budgetary Institution “Vasily Manchaary Republican Center of National Sports”.
Direct responsibility of organizing competitions lies on the Organizing Committee and Ground of Jury, approved by the Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation.

5. Competitors.
Participation in the Tournament is allowed to the athletes no younger than 18 (eighteen) years old, who passed medical examination.
Obligatory sportswear of athletes:
- Men – Mas-Wrestling sports shorts (red and blue), sports shoes without spikes (sneakers, trainers), allowed gaiters not higher knees$
- Women – Mas-Wrestling sports shorts (red and blue), sports jersey, T-shirt or top (red and blue), sports shoes without spikes (sneakers, trainers), allowed gaiters not higher knees.

6. Conditions.
Mas-Wrestling Tournament is personal and conducted according to the actual Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation in the following weight categories:
- Men: 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 105 kg, over 105 kg;
- Women: 65 kg and over 65 kg.

7. Safety.
Competitions to be held in sport building, agreeable to the standards of corresponding standard rules of law, functioning in the territory of the Russian Federation and aimed to provide public order and safety of participants and spectators, in the presence of acts of operational readiness of sports buildings for the activities, approved in the prescribed order.

8. Awarding.
Top three athletes in each weight category to be awarded with medals and diplomas and prize-winners of the III Russian Beach Games and cups, medals and prizes from the Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation.
All competitors wear parade sportswear while the awarding ceremony.

9. Financing.
Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation carries financial provision of sports events in accordance with the financing Arrangements financed from the federal budget and fund expenditure Norms for sports events organization, included in the Calendar Plan of interregional, Russian and international sports events.
Expenses connected with the preparation of competition venue, producing of Mas-Wrestling platform and sports inventory carry Russian Beach Sports Association.
Travel expenses of the competitors for participation in the Tournament (travelling to the competition venue and back, per diem, accommodation and food in the days of the events, insurance) carry sending organization.

10. Protest.
In case of claims concerned the competition results, regional organization representative submits protest of appointed form to the Chief Referee of the Tournament. The cost of the protest – 1000 (one thousand) roubles. In case of satisfying the protest the amount is reimbursed. The protest should be given orally immediately after the bout and in written form – within 5 (five) minutes after the bout. The protest is applied later the appointed time are not considered.

11. Applications.
Preliminary applications for competing with the indication of number of athletes in weight categories and representatives of regional Mas-Wrestling federations should be submitted in the RMWF Secretariat until June 20, 2017 to e-mail:
Additional information is accessible at:
- 107078, Russian Federation, Moscow, Myasnitskiy proezd, building 3, office 611, +79263192088, Lena I. Tomskaya.
Applications for participation signed by the head of regional Mas-Wrestling federation or bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports and by physician, also other necessary documents are presented to the Admission Commission on the arrival day.
Official representative of the regional organization should present to the Admission Commission the following documents for each athlete with the application:
- passport;
- copy of policy of obligatory medical insurance;
- contract of life and health insurance from the accident (original).
The athletes who have not necessary documents are not permitted to compete.

These Regulations is a reason for sending the participants

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