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Hanne Bingle, Great Britain: Mas-Wrestling competition will take place at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, England

Hanne Bingle thanked the International Mas-Wrestling Federation for the continued support and the invitation to the IMWF Presidium meeting and informed:

"Here is my FitXpo update:

The mas-wrestling videos shared on social media and the announcement fr om FitXpo and Mas-Wrestling GB concerning the competition taking place in July has received a lot of interest. 

The aim for introducing Mas-Wrestling into Great Britain is:

- to make the sport popular and thereby strengthening the friendly sportive relationship among countries;

- to determine of the Mas-Wrestling strongest athletes in contested weight categories.

Competition will take place in connection with the FitXpo at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, England.

Competition program:

July 1st (Thursday) - Officials and promoters arrive.

July 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday) taking place.

July 5th (Monday) - Departure day.

I have had some good discussions with the team from the FitXpo, wh ere it was decided that the competition will be placed very close to the entrance into the Expo so the sport will be exposed to as many attendees as possible.

I am also planning to have an organized workshop/rules meeting.

The finer details will be announced next week with the support of FitXpo, Lena Tomskaya (IMWF) and myself"

Author: IMWF Press
Number of shows: 445
Country:  Great Britain
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