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Congratulation of the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on the World Mas-Wrestling Day
Dear friends!
On behalf of the Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Yakutians, Muscovites, residents of all regions of Russia and our foreign friends, all athletes and fans of this unique Yakut sport that has stepped far beyond the borders of the northern republic, I congratulate you on the World Mas-Wrestling Day!
World Mas-Wrestling Day has been established!
Today the whole world celebrates a new holiday - World Mas-Wrestling Day!
Heroes of the 2nd competition day of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Khiva
List of winners of the second day of the 1st stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Khiva.
Couples of the second competition day in Khiva
According to the competition program, today senior boys and girls 15-17 years old will enter the Uzbek platform at the beginning. They will be followed by women up to 65 kg, over 85 kg and men up to 65 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 105 kg and over 125 kg.
Results of the first day of the Uzbek stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup - 2021
Long after midnight, the names of the winners and prize-winners of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in the city of Khiva were determined.. In this regard, the awarding ceremony has been postponed to the next day.
Uzbek layout
The lot divided the pairs of the participants of the first day of the competition as follows:
Khiva. Mas-Wrestling. Heat
Tomorrow at sunset, residents and guests of Khiva will not be able to enjoy the desired coolness. They will be hot from hot meetings on the Mas-Wrestling platform in the ancient fortress of Ichan-Kala.
Competitors in Khiva are required to pass tests for the absence of COVID-19
An appeal to the participants of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup and International Youth Mas-Wrestling Tournament in Khiva, Uzbekistan.
North American Mas-Wrestling Championship has ended in Fort Wayne
The country is just beginning to remember the old days, when everyone breathed freely and could shake hands when they met. Although masks are retained in most public places, more and more people can be seen without them.
Championship of Tashkent region was held with a record number of participants
On May 29, the Tashkent region Mas Wrestling Championship among girls and boys, men and women was held.
Mas-Wrestling was presented in Novaya Kakhovka (Ukraine)
On Saturday, in the Kherson region, was held a large-scale Mas-Wrestling competition. 76 athletes from Kherson, Zaporozhye and Dnipropetrovsk regions competed for the medals of the Kherson Region Open Championship in 19 age and weight categories. The goal of the competition was not only the regional championship, but also the popularization of Mas-...
Senhor Vilmar Oliveira, um matuto teimoso (in Portuguese)
No verão de 2012, como parte da delegação estrangeira de mas-wrestlers mundiais, um homem de baixa estatura com brilhante aparência sulista chegou a Yakutsk. Ele falava português, a língua nacional do Brasil. A população local, é claro, ficou maravilhada com o hóspede de tão longe. Como ele veio até nós, para o Norte? Eles pensaram que ele tinha vi...
Familiar and unfamiliar Vilmar Oliveira
In summer of 2012 as a part of the foreign delegation of world mas-wrestlers a man of low height with bright southern appearance arrived in Yakutsk. He spoke Portuguese, the national language of Brazil. The local people, of course, were amazed at the guest from so far away. How did he come to us, to the North? They thought that he had come for exot...
Let's have a talk about international mas-wrestling competitions
At the meeting of the Presidium held on April 16, all those responsible for the sporting events of this year spoke.
Mas-Wrestling competition among women was held in Kabul, Afghanistan
On April 10 and 11, 2021, a mas-wrestling competition among women was held in Kabul for the third time.