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International Mas-Wrestling competitions for 2021
Despite the adjustments that the pandemic has made to our plans this year, we look to the future with hope.
Hassane Fousseni Nadey, Benin: Everything is possible if there is a will to succeed and move forward
More and more often, photos and videos with African athletes at the board of mas-wrestling appear on the Internet. It's time to find out who is the author of some of them.
Participants of the Uzbekistan Mas-Wrestling Championship greet friends around the world
On November 1, has ended the Uzbekistan Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women.
Mas-Wrestling championship of the country have been successfully held in Uzbekistan
On October 31, was held the Championship of Uzbekistan in Mas-Wrestling among boys and girls, juniors and junior girls, in which participated 82 athletes.
Ukraine successfully held the Mas-Wrestling Championships among youth and adults
On October 27, in the city of Melitopol, without spectators, in compliance with all quarantine precautions was held the VI Championship of Ukraine in Mas-Wrestling among the open age category and the V Championship among boys and girls, juniors and junior girls.
Kaluga platform became the arena of the battle between Ivan Galkin and Roman Kalinin
The main event of the Mas-Wrestling championship of the Central Federal District in Kaluga was the match of International class masters of sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling Ivan Galkin from Kaluga and Roman Kalinin from Tver.
What does the coming year hold for us?
In 2021, International Mas-Wrestling Federation will celebrate its first anniversary - Mas-Wrestling has been walking around the planet for 10 years. What other events await us next year?
Mas-Wrestling led the martial arts parade in Moscow
On October 16, took place the grand opening of the Moscow Open Student Games of Martial arts. The All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation was granted the honorary right to lead the parade of martial arts.
Erkinbek Tezekbaev was posthumously awarded the title Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports of the Kyrgyz Republic
For the contribution to the development of physical culture and sports in the country, Erkinbek Tezekbayev was posthumously awarded the sports title Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Is Nalchik far away? Nalchik is near!
Yesterday, in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, has ended the Open Mas-Wrestling Tournament among student youth within the III All-Russian Student Games of Martial Arts.
Viktor Kolibabchuk: If you want to win in Mas-Wrestling, wrestle like a Yakut!
On August 28, by  the order of the Minister of Sports of Russia, Viktor Kolibabchuk was awarded the sports title International class Master of Sports of Russia in Mas-Wrestling.
Petr Davydov, Russia: Adaptive Mas-Wrestling is the imperative of our time
On August 17 an online meeting of like-minded people to create a new direction was held - the development of Mas-Wrestling among athletes with disabilities of health.
Mas-wrestling competitions to be held in Riga
Mas-wrestling activity is expected in Latvia on 22 August 2020. Competitions for adults and children will be held on this day.
Juha-Vesa Jantti, Finland: I promise the project will be unique!
The Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation has set the priority directions for the development of Mas-Wrestling. Attention will be drawn to those countries whose potential has not yet been fully realized.
Hanne Bingle, Great Britain: We will organize Mas-Wrestling presentation in London
Energetic, positive and cheerful Hanne Bingle appeared in our sights on the Internet. Soon, we quickly have found mutual friends fr om strength sport. Mutual interest and daily communication have borne fruit. Yesterday Ms. Bingle was introduced at the IMWF Presidium meeting, wh ere she shared her plans for the development of Mas-Wrestling in the GB...