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2021 Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championships (men and women)

No Country Total
1 Russia 1 1 1 3
2 Slovakia 1 1
3 Kyrgyzstan 1 1 2
4-5 Hungary 1
4-5 Finland 1 1

2021 Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship
(men and women)

Goals and objectives
Competitions are held with the aim of popularization and development of Mas-Wrestling in the World and set the following objectives:
- strengthening friendly relationship among countries;
- determination the strongest athletes of World in Mas-Wrestling.

Date and venue
Competitions are held in December 17-20, 2021 in Pyhtää, Finland at the address: Aeronautica Arena Kotitie 10, 49270 Pyhtään kirkonkylä.
The day of arrival - December 17, the day of departure - December 20.

Competition  Program: *
December 17, 2021 (Friday) – Arrival day;
December 18, 2021 (Saturday)
16.00-18.00 – Registration and Admission of the participants;
December 19, 2021 (Sunday) - Competition day
December 13, 2021 (Monday) – Departure day.
*The competition program is subject to change.

General management of preparation and holding Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship is provided by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Mas-Wrestling Federation of Finland with the involvement of Mas-Wrestling Development Fund of the «Mas-Wrestling Planet».
The direct conduct of the competition rests with the Grand Jury, approved by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Men and women aged 18 or elder are allowed to participate in the competitions by the National Mas-Wrestling Federation application, passed medical examination and permitted to engage in strength sports, also with a negative test result for a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method not earlier than three calendar days before the start of the competition or a Certificate of Vaccination for each participant.
* Terms of participation are subject to change

The National Mas-Wrestling Federations are able to represent up to 3 (three) athletes in each category. Mas-Wrestling Federation of Russia is able to represent up to 2 (two) athletes in each category.

Participants are obliged to compete in sportswear according to the Rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation:
- Men - Mas-Wrestling shorts red or blue (according to drawing).
- Women - Mas-Wrestling shorts and sports-shirt, red or blue (according to drawing). Prohibited to wear two-colored (blue and red) of the sports-shirt (T-shirt or top) and shorts.
All participants are obliged to compete in sports shoes without spikes with soft sole. Prohibited to wear shoes with heels, sole with nails, clasps or other metal, plastic or sharp elements.
Allowed to use:
- elastic band with width not exceed 25 cm.,
- special belts with width not exceed 10 cm., which shall not weigh more than 1.5kg.;
- knee and elbow pads with width no more than 30 cm.;
- handheld that do not exceed the width and height of the athlete’s palm, while it is prohibited to use any foreign liquid substances to treat handhelds;
- sport taping;
- supporting and fixing equipment;
- grip aids without tacky composition in form of powder (magnesia, rosin) and liquid magnesia.
Participation in the competitions is allowed only in case of presence of the insurance of life and health from accidents (original) for each athlete, which is given to the Registration and Admission Commission. Insurance fees of the athletes carry the sending organizations.
Competitions are individual and held in the absolute weight category among men and women according to the acting Rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, by the system with elimination after 2 (two) defeats, with division into groups “A” and “B”:
In the first round, pairs are formed according to drawing. Athletes who won their matches continue to compete in group "A" until reaching the final, athletes who defeated continue to compete in group "B" and have the right to fight only for third place. If in group "B" there are two athletes who previously met in group "A", then they are given a second fight. All athletes who have lost two times are eliminated from the competition. With an odd number of participants, the athlete who occupies the last numbering at the drawing of lots during the competition becomes free in the given circle and in the next round of competitions rises to the top of the tournament table and competes from the red side of the platform.
Changes in the competition system are possible depending on the number of participants in accordance with the competition rules.

Weight categories:
Men – absolute weight category (minimum weight - 95 kg);
Women - the absolute weight category (minimum weight - 75 kg).

The final results (protocols) should be given to the International Mas-Wrestling Federation in 2 (two) weeks after the event is over.

Participants who took first, second and third places will be awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes.

Competitions to be hold in accordance with corresponding standard rules of law, functioning in the territory of the Finland and directed to provide public order and safety of participants and spectators, in the presence of acts of operational readiness of buildings for the event holding, approved in the prescribed order.
Qualified medical personnel should present in the competition venue.

All expenses, concerning preparation and holding of the competition on equity terms is on the responsibility of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Mas-Wrestling Federation of Finland.
Visa expenses, travel expenses, accommodation and meal are provided by the sending organizations (National Federations).
Funding for the prize fund of winners and prize winners, transportation costs and other organizational costs is provided from the funds of the Mas-Wrestling Development Fund «Mas-Wrestling Planet».

Delegations, which are need VISA for entrance on the territory of Finland should send to the organizers the list of participants beforehand until November 20, 2021 with the indication of full names, gender, passport numbers (issued and expiration dates), birth dates, scanned copy of the first page of passport.

Preliminary applications with indication of number of athletes, coaches and representatives are taken till December 1, 2021:
- Finland, Mas-Wrestling Federation of Finland, Juha-Vesa Jantti, WhatsApp +358 44 3623660,;
- Russian Federation, Moscow, Myasnitsky proezd, building 3, office 611, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, e-mail:,, WhatsApp: +7 9263192088;
Applications signed by the head of the national federation and a doctor, as well as the following documents for each athlete, are submitted to the commission for registration and admission of participants to the competition:
- passport;
- original insurance agreement from the accident (original);
- polymerase chain reaction testing reference (PCR);
- certificate of vaccination against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19.


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