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I was born in Ystad and have always lived there

Our colleague from Sweden Anders Lindbladh about himself and mas-wrestling.

I think that it will be interesting for all of us to know more information about our colleauges and their actitvities in different countries. Anders Lindbladh fr om Sweden is a reportage hero today.

Anders is a permanent participant of all largest mas-wrestling international competitions. He is the only person who is developing mas-wrestling in his country since 2013. I am grateful to him for the answers to my questions.

Anders: «I was born in Swedish town of Ystad in 1980 and have always lived there. I have always like school and ended up with good grades. Now I work with fibernetwork for computers and the groundwork that comes with digging it all down. This is my fulltime job but I also have a gym called Eazy Gym in Ystad since five years back where I train and arrange a lot of competitions both strongman, mas-wrestling, grip and powerlifting.

This is combined hobby and work you can say!

I have been gymtraining since I was very young because my father and uncle had a gym so I was always there hanging around. I started competing in powerlifting when I was seventeen and ever after that I have always been competing in strengthsports almost twenty years now.

As for my family - I am married and have two children. We have a bulldog».  

On Saturday, September 24, Anders with help of Jan Svensson and Per-Anders Svensson initiated the holding of  Swedish Mas-Wrestling Championships in Eazy Gym in the town Ystad where eleven men came to start.

«It was a great competition with many very good matches», - Anders wrote me yesterday.

Competitions results:


1. Joel Nilsson 

2. Alexander Källman 

3. Mikael Pettersson 

4. Charlie Cronqvist 

5. Tony Kempe 


1. Simon Nilsson 

2. Henrik Silfvenius 

3. Emir Kurti 

+125kg (open)

1. Simon Nilsson 

2. Anders Lindbladh 

3. Kristian Farkas 

4. Mikael Pettersson 

5. Emir Kurti 

Author: Лена Томская
Photo: Anastasia Ryzhikova, Roman Dzabelov, Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 1562
Country:  Sweden
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