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“It’s only from the outside that I won easily. It was different. ” Dmitry Popov is again the best on the planet

Mas-wrestler from Ust-Aldan district Dmitry Popov for the second time replenished his rich collection of awards with the second gold medal at the World Championships.

However, the victory was not easy for him - in the very first bout, the Yakut mas-wrestler received a wound on his arm from slivers of a broken stick, and his rivals became even more experienced. In the first clash, Ust-aldanskiy athlete defeated Sergei Trofimenko from Uzbekistan, then Mongolian Namkhai Batdor defeated, and in the semifinal he crushed Josep Muradyan from Armenia. Despite the fact that rivals are not in the first year involved in mas-wrestling, all bouts Popov won with a score of 2:0. “In the very first bout, the stick broke, slivers broke the skin between the index finger and thumb, I had to go to the doctor and bandage. Despite this, he continued to compete further,” - Popov said: “ Some rivals weighed more than me, my weight was 99 kg. Therefore, in many bouts decided technique. In addition, my sparring partner is the absolute champion of the Manchaary Games Erchim Bappagay, who competes in the weight category up to 125 kg, training with him added me my skills. «The bout for the gold medal of the world championship against Keldibek Ataybek Uluu was difficult. The athletic representative of Kyrgyzstan confidently walked the tournament grid to the final, defeating everyone in their path. However, he didn’t have a chance against the reception of the “stand” from Dmitry Popov, the Yakut mas-wrestler in his corporate style snatched the stick from the enemy, eventually becoming a two-time world champion. “From many it seemed to me that I won all easily, but it was not so. I had to tinker with some rivals, tried to use different approaches, methods of “Ushnitsky”, “stand”, foreign athletes learned to deftly defensively. I am happy that I could win the second gold medal of the World Championship, I dedicate the victory to all my relatives, friends, coaches, those who helped and supported,” - the two-time world champion emphasized. Dmitry Popov also noted that he is not going to stop there. After a couple of weeks, he is going to perform at the Cup of the Mas-wrestling Federation of Yakutia for the Ust-Aldan district national team. Then again the championships of the republic, Russia and possibly the 2019 World Cup. Popov does not exclude that he will fight for the third medal of the World Championship in two years.

Author: Djulustaan Sergeev
Source:  Газета "Спорт Якутии"
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Country:  Russia
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