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Sergey Konstantinov: “At the first championship I was a spectator, today - on the pedestal”

The world champion in the weight category up to 70 kg said that he had started mas-wrestling four years ago:

- It is much harder to perform with your fans on the home platform. As it is unusual when all your friends and relatives look at you. Responsibility increases two-three times. In away tournaments it is easier. But I am glad that I could manage with all the stress and excitement. I prepared well for this championship, I was sure of my victory.

Unlike the rest of the athletes of our team, I probably was not used to anyone. Because the head coach of the national team is my father, Nikolai Konstantinov. I thank him for showing equal attention to me and to all members of the national team.

In the championship I spent five bouts, the most difficult thing was to compete with representatives from Kyrgyzstan. Although I won all the bouts very quickly and with a score of 2:0, in fact it was not at all easy. You know, I started to go in for mas-wrestling only four years ago. When the first world championship held in Yakutsk here at this Triumph Sports Training Center, I was watching from the stands together with the rest of the fans. Then I thought to myself that I also want to become a world champion and that in honor of my victory the Russian national anthem should also be played. Then I began to engage seriously in mas-wrestling under the guidance of my father. The results came quickly enough, but the most difficult thing was to win the championship of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Due to internal competition, we are growing, developing. What's next? Mas-wrestling is developing around the world, so I need to constantly maintain my leadership. I heard yesterday that Evgeniy Udin, after his victory declared that he was going to move into our weight category. So I tell him: "Welcome!".

Source:  Газета "Спорт Якутии"
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Country:  Russia
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