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"Any rival could give a surprise." Natalya Chernogradskaya new world champion

The world champion after the final gave a short interview.

“Despite the fact that I won all my fights at the World Championships today with the score 2:0, I was still excited about the result,” world champion Natalya Chernogradskaya said to “Sport of Yakutia.” for high responsibility and the fact that I spoke to my own fans, the Yakutians. The fact is that I didn’t know my rivals very well, so that any rival could surprise me. It’s only from the outside that I won easily in fact, it is the result of tremendous work and thousands of training. I take this opportunity to thank all my coaches and those who helped us."

We remind that in the lightest weight category up to 55 kg, the leader of the Russian national team, Natalya Chernogradskaya, more than confidently passed her short way to gold. An athlete from Yakutia held two bouts in the preliminary rounds. She was stronger on the head of her rivals. Chernogradskaya in the first round twice pulled out a stick from the Ukrainian woman Oleksandra Shvets, and in the semifinals met no resistance from Regina Mulyasheva from Uzbekistan. In the final, our athlete also more than convincingly prevailed over Shafag Mammadova from Azerbaijan.

Source:  Газета "Спорт Якутии"
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Country:  Russia
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