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Odd Haugen Talks Mas Wrestling Haters and Deadlifting 750 Pounds at 67 Years Old
The word “legend” gets thrown around a lot in the strongman world, but Odd Haugen’s footprint on the sport is indelible.
Mas-reslinq üzrə açıq Azərbaycan çempionatı keçirilib (azerb.lang.)
Şağan Olimpiya İdman Kompleksində mas-reslinq üzrə açıq Azərbaycan çempionatı keçirilib.
Mas-Wrestling: Prießnitzer sind beim neuen Sport ganz vorn dabei (germ.lang.)
Mas-Wrestling ist ein neuer Sporttrend und die Prießnitzer sind ganz vorn dabei. Der Verein Mac Gregor 1999 Prießnitz hat im Vorjahr die neue Abteilung Mas-Wrestling gegründet. Weitere Mitstreiter sind willkommen. Vier Athleten fahren im April nach Köln auf die Fibo, Europas größte Messe für Fitness und Bodybuilding.
2017 started by the Open championship in Dnipropetrovsk region
On Saturday, 28 January, the Open mas-wrestling championship of Dnipropetrovsk region has passed in one of the largest cities in the south-east of Ukraine. For the first time the sport was introduced in Krivoy Rog - a large industrial center of our country.
Mas Wrestling. Part tug-of-war, part arm wrestling, and all strength
DON’T MISS IT: See Mas wrestling at the Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, OH, from March 2–5, 2017. More info:
Vitaly Danilov from Yakutia became the Champion of the United States of America
Yakut athlete Vitaly Danilov won the title of the US Mas-Wrestling champion. American athlete Martins Licis became an Absolute champion. Competitions were held in Los Angeles on January 7-8.
Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine on the development dynamics is among the three best in the world
On Thursday, December 29, at the Information center "Rozvitok" held a press conference on the theme: «2016-й — рік прориву мас-рестлерів України на світовій спортивній арені». With reporters talked Valery Gasaev, President of the Federation mas-wrestling in Ukraine, Olga Sukachev, bronze medalist of the 2015 World Cup, the bronze medalist of the World Championship 2016, European champion in 2016 and Alex Kushnir - the two-time champion of Ukraine, the bronze medalist of the 2016 World Cup.
Mistrovství České republiky v mas-wrestlingu 2016 - výsledky a fotografie. (Czech lang.)
Máme za sebou poslední závod letošní sezóny, kterým bylo první Mistrovství České republiky, které proběhlo 18. prosince na ZŠ Jílovská v Praze. Zdaleka se nenaplnilo naše očekávání z hlediska účasti, jelikož nedorazili všichni závodníci našich dosavadních soutěží, což je škoda pro rozvoj a propagaci tohoto sportu u nás.
Thriller in Kharkov. Photo and video
On December 18 II Mas-Wrestling Absolute Championship of Ukraine was held in Kharkiv. One of the fights the mas-wrestling fans were waiting for two years. The battle between Jacob Burkovnikov and Dmitry Besedin became the most vivid, emotional and hard at these competitions. It added a special piquancy to the fact that both athletes appeared in the same weight category. Press of the Mas-wrestling Federation  of Ukraine decided to write about this truly historic event a separately.
Mas-wrestling Federation of Ukraine has expanded their range. Photo
On Sunday, December 18 one of the largest cities of our country took II Mas-Wrestling Absolute Championship of Ukraine. Kharkov has been famous for its industrial strength, culture, as well as great sports potential. And the appearance of friends and mas-wrestling fans  in this city - one more step in the development of this sport in Ukraine.
MAS Wrestling returns to the Arnold Sports Festival
MAS Wrestling returns to the Arnold Sports Festival for a third year and will again host the 2017 IMWF World Absolute Championship.  The event will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, March 3-5, 2017 on the ROGUE Strength Stage at the Arnold Fitness EXPO.
The first festival of national sports and the CIS member states games
From 12 to 15 August 2017 in the Ulyanovsk region on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the support of the Ministry of sport and the Interstate Fund for humanitarian cooperation of States – participants of the CIS will be one of the biggest sporting events – the Festival of national sports and games of the States – participants of CIS.
Tug of war…with a stick?
WATCH: Mas Wrestling Is The Most Amazing Strength Sport You’re Not Talking About

GP PEPA Opava v mas-wrestlingu 2016 - reportáž a výsledky (Chekh lang.)
Je za námi 2. ročník Grand Prix PEPA Opava v silovém přetahování. Jeden z nejprestižnějších domácích závodů se odehrál 29. října v Opavě
Massive Gains for Mas Wrestling
Combine an enthusiastic fight fan, with a special interest in strongman and grip strength, add a dash of Viking, and give him Los Angeles FitExpo to stage something new—we’re talking about Odd Haugen, who unveiled mas wrestling in 2013 as one of three strongman combat disciplines in his contest.